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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Rissa Vergari

Rissa Vergari

Healing & Transformational Guide


Learn to LOVE  all that is and remember who you are with  Maurissa Vergari and Mahayana Metta. Maurissa is a Healing Arts practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Transformational Spiritual Guide.

Maurissa’s mantra is “Wake Up and Dream, Anything is Possible.” It is her purpose and path to inspire, educate,  empower healing, to elevate self and others by freely offering kindness, compassion, joy, and love to all. She believes in healing oneself and the world by being, sharing, and spreading love.

Maurissa Vergari has trained around the world in healing arts. Holding a few handfuls of certifications in many healing arts practices across cultures. Maurissa has artfully combined traditional natural healing methods to create a unique healing experience.

Maurissa’s specialty and trademark are her Intuitive Touch Sessions and ability to hold healing space for others.  A process of reading the body, listening to the language, and the story the body has to tell. Working with the client so they gain understanding of the underlying emotions that have manifested into physical pain and energetic blocks. She becomes a channel for divine healing energy to flow for the client.

As a Yoga and Meditation facilitator Maurissa developed a distinctive style of mind, body, spirit alignment and vibrational balancing by focusing on mindful breathwork, intentional asanas with affirmations to promote an energetic and emotional release. She provides a journey experience.

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For more information about Rissa Vergari, see: https://www.mahayanametta.com/