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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Riverbear Medicine

Riverbear Medicine


The Netherlands

Reggie Riverbear was born and raised in a temple home in the Netherlands where mantra and sacred song where an integral part of growing up. Having a great passion for dance and theater, Reggie has been performing and sharing from the young age of 4. She followed the calling of her Heart to travel the world and find the hidden gems of different cultures.

Studying with different indigenous cultures, learning songs and practices from all over the world, and being an active member of the co-creation of a new era rooted in love and equality, Reggie is bridging her foundation of ceremonial practices, her love for connection to the earth, reclaiming joy and the passion for music into this global offering.

The past 6 years Reggie has found her happiness in Guiding people to finding their voice and reclaim the joy of song. Facilitating voice activation workshops, weekly singing circles, private sessions and embodiment arts, the magic of reminding people of the playfulness found in free expression and the arts has been a joy.

For more information about Riverbear Medicine, see: www.riverbearmedicine.com