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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Ron Lilley

Ron Lilley

Snake Corner - Kids


Ron Lilley has worked for wildlife conservation in Indonesia since 1987, and has a passion for snakes. He lives near Ubud and works for a local nature conservation NGO (LINI – the Indonesian Nature Foundation), in Sanur. Ron writes popular wildlife articles, and gives talks about snakes and other wildlife to schools and the public. Ron has been rescuing snakes from premises in Bali for several years, and through his popular “Bali Snake Patrol” page on Facebook , he provides information about snakes, snakebite, snake proofing and snake safety. His purpose is to reduce peoples’ fear of snakes through promoting greater understanding about them, Ron is also a keen wildlife photographer, and is currently writing a non-technical guide to the snakes of Bali.

For more information, see: www.lini.or.id