Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Rubah Di Selatan

Rubah Di Selatan

Ethnic Folk


Rubah Di Selatan was formed on August 20, 2015. it consists of Ronie Udara, Mallinda Zky, Gilang Pultn and Yayan Padz. the four of them blend traditional spices, local beliefs, local wisdom  as material in their works. likewise with the instruments they bring, is a merger of some traditional instruments such as Udu, Karinding, and Saluang, with modern instruments. Rubah Di Selatan wants to point out that the differences and the distance from tradition and modernisation today, are basically able to go hand in hand and create a unique dimension of work. so Rubah Di Selatan goes hand in hand with tradition in the midst of globalisation, in order to continue to identity and bring the identity of Indonesian tradition wherever they are. as the name of Rubah Di Selatan, meaning wherever they go will still know where they come from.

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For more information about Rubah Di Selatan, see: https://rubahdiselatan.com