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San Ignacio

San Ignacio

electronic / downtempo

Latin American

San Ignacio is an Argentine musician, composer, and producer who explores rhythms and sounds of Latin American traditional music in a spatial yet danceable way, merging organic and analog elements, poetry, and singing.

His live performances include digital percussion, synths, DJing tools, and non-conventional use of acoustic instruments such as charango or bombo legüero, and visual arts by Giselle Hauscarriaga.

He has released 7 albums, toured Latin America and Europe, including visits to Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and others. He has collaborated with notable artists such as Sara Hebe, Chancha Vía Circuito, Barrio Lindo, Rumbo Tumba, and Barda. In March 2024, he released “El corazón está para romperse”, an album that switches back to urban sounds like cumbia and funk carioca, incorporating analog textures and vocals.