Ubud, Bali May 1-5, 2024

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Sanna Kokkonen-White

Sanna Kokkonen-White



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Sanna has spent the last 30 years experimenting with all forms of movement, yoga and Eastern philosophy and blends these effortlessly into her teaching. Her classes are always a journey – fun, interactive, strong yet soft and usually blended with mantra and evocation from her beloved shruti box. She is a long-term faculty member of the RA Yoga Teacher Trainings and specializes in asana and yoga philosophy. In Europe she teaches at workshops, festivals and runs retreats.

She has studied with many big Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga names from Petri Raisanen to Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, and many others from different yoga traditions and lineages.

Sanna studied Asian Spiritual Classics and Mahayana Buddhism with Lama Marut in Singapore, and was authorized by him to teach Tibetan Heart Yoga. In India, she studied under Vijay Krsna, and they often collaborate at international yoga festivals and retreats, interweaving yoga with dance and bhakti.

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Experience Sanna’s Workshops:

Tibetan Heart Yoga

Experience this soft from the outside – deep going from the inside, heart opening practice.

Tibetan Heart Yoga is a unique system that weaves elements of ancient Tibetan Buddhism philosophy, mantra chanting, meditation and soft movement, and includes working in pairs.

In this class, you will witness compassion and wisdom as two wings; by opening the heart and practicing yoga from inside-out, we can all create the possibility for meaningful transformation and a heightened state of happiness, joy and contentment.

Notice this is not a physical exercise class and it will include partner work with a friend or with a new friend. Like a warm hug, this workshop will open your heart and leave you with a warm radiant glow.

All levels are warmly welcome!


Krishna Flow – Chants, stories & movement from Vrindavan

This is a Master class with Sanna and Vijay Krsna of the KIRTANIYAS

Krishna flow is a celebration of Lord Krishna and his beloved childhood place – the holy city of Vrindavan. The workshop includes a unique fusion of authentic kirtan, chants, stories, philosophy and vinyasa yoga inspired by many pilgrimages to the holy city by the Sacred River Yamuna.

Vijay Krsna lived a number of years in Vrindavan, and Sanna has been traveling repeatedly to the holy city joining Vijay for his Bhakti Yatras (pilgrimages). Together, Vijay & Sanna share their hearts and love towards this magical city where “every step is a dance and every word is a song” and every cow is sacred!

All levels warmly welcome to join the journey!