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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Sharni Quinn

Sharni Quinn

Living Yinly

South Africa

Sharni believes that every human is meant to shine, to live their best Life and to share their light… without burning out & losing themselves in the process!

As an international Yin & Hatha Yoga teacher, speaker, facilitator and online Life Coach – she empowers others to redesign their Life by ‘Living Yinly’, so you can slow down, tune in, let go and wake up!

After spending 12 years in the Women’s Wellness industry, having taught more than 6500 yoga classes, organized & facilitated many retreats worldwide, started up and worked on 4 wellness businesses, being an author, writer, speaker & Life Coach… she eventually burnt out.

Something needed to shift and change! So, she put herself on her own ‘Burnout Recovery Program’, healed in 3 months, successfully sold her yoga retreat business and completely redesigned her Life.

She now lives in Bali; brings self-care and Bali Bliss to the world through her Online Yoga & Wellness Studio, Online Life Coaching and in-person facilitation… and inspires others (and herself) to bring more yin to your yang as well as create more balance, freedom and bliss in all areas of your Life.

For more information about Sharni and how she can support you on your journey of transformation and Living Your Best Life, visit her website:  https://sharniquinn.com/