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Venus Tantrika / Massage Therapist


Shivani is a Tantrika, massage therapist, KaHuna bodyworker, Manual Lymph Drainage Specialist, Counsellor, Yoga Teacher trainer and co-founder of the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy (SYAMA) in Australia.

A pioneer of women’s yoga, Shivani created Venus Yoga over 20 years ago while living in Japan, recognizing the need for yoga practices that nurture the female body and brain. As a mother to a tween boy, she is also passionate about men’s health and in recent years offers workshops and counselling for men interested in Tantra and spiritual relationships.

Having trained in Japan, China, India, and Bali, Shivani has over 25 years of teaching experience, with expertise in pain therapy, reproductive health, and embodied meditation. Shivani has overcome a variety of health issues and trauma, and gone through two divorces to get to her rewarding life as a woman, mother, and lover. Yoga, Massage and Meditation have been her most effective medicine and she is passionate about creating healing spaces for all to explore, transform, and celebrate the bliss of being alive.

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