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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Sophie Akkineni

Sophie Akkineni

Magic of the Medicine Wheel - Kids


BaliSpirit Festival 2020 Welcomes kidszone presenter Sophie Akkineni for her third year running.
A professional celebrator of Life Sophie excels in having a congenial occupation where her experience In the creative arts and healing arts come together as she presents two workshops this year in Kidszone.
Magic of the Medicine Wheel is a hands on workshop where kids will learn their Animal totems and be guided to create a tangible piece of art that reflects this energy using nature.

Sophie is passionately inspired to educate children by enthusing and inspiring their connection to nature creating confidence, joy and strengthening inner self belief.

It’s with this passion mini workshop Zenitation has been birthed. Zenitation allows children to meet their true zen power. Introducing kids to their chakras, allowing them to get grounded through a mix of song, gentle meditation and hands on creative making.

Kids are inspired to find peace within their inner landscape while being reminded the chakras are the secret of their inner power houses that will guide them throughout their life.

Be sure to catch these two inspiring workshops for your children.
When not in kidszone Sophie will also be available for appointment within the Healing Hut Area as a Registered Practitioner of Bach Flower therapy and a reader of your personal medicine wheel.
Learn your inner gifts and how they can change your life with a medicine wheel reading.

Check out Sophie’s schedule here

For more information about Sophie Akkineni and the Magic of the Medicine Wheel, please see: Flowers of the Soul www.facebook.com/humanspiritsconnect/