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Soulfood is a music group from Bali, Indonesia that carries the genre of Soul and RnB music. Founded in 2016, Soulfood has Lyta (vocals), Bam (guitar), and Palel (drums) formats.

The name Soulfood itself if interpreted in Indonesian is Soul = Jiwa and Food = Makanan. So Soulfood sees that music is one of human needs like food, and soul is one of the most important elements in music. Soulfood was heavily influenced by 90s musicians and bands such as The Roots, Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, and the Fugees.

Soulfood is a unique music group with diverse personnel backgrounds. Lyta Lautner was the vocalist who departed and grew from Reggae music. Palel Atmoko is a multi-genre drummer, who is currently still active in the band NAVICULA, and ELECTRIC GIPSY. Meanwhile, Bam George on guitar has a jazz background. However, their love for Soul music, RnB, and HIP-HOP became their meeting point at Soulfood.