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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Stephanie Dickinson

Stephanie Dickinson

Authentic Relating Games and Skills


Stephanie Dickinson is a feminine leadership catalyst and a mindfulness leader for soulful self-starters. She helps spiritual gangsters lead full lives of purpose-driven leadership and social impact by amping up their conscious communication skills and tapping into their zones of genius. She specializes in bridging mindfulness practices, even the ancient and esoteric, into people’s modern lives and businesses.

She has worked with hundreds of men and women from mindfulness-newbies to powerful soul-ignited trailblazers to drop deep into their internal reservoirs of peace and power, and breathe prana into themselves and all of their relationships and projects. Her magic is igniting people’s juicy aliveness and revealing their untapped reservoirs of energy just waiting to spill over!

Stephanie shares her work in Mindfulness Programs, Authentic Relating Trainings, and retreats to shift you into fully living your divine assignment.

When she is not leading soul tribe into enriched lives of empowered relationships, conscious leadership and positive impact, you can find Stephanie watching sunsets over the rice fields of Bali, traveling to conscious communities worldwide, and shaking it out at Ecstatic Dance.

This year Stephanie will be co-presenting Mixed Circle with Dean Powell

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For more information about Stephanie Dickinson, see: www.stephanie-dickinson.com