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Live electronic hybrid


Sukira is an electrifying fusion of live hybrid electronic music with deep roots in Sufi and Middle Eastern North African rhythms. Hailing from diverse musical backgrounds, Sukira weaves together intricate layers of traditional instruments, pulsating beats, and soul-stirring melodies to create a transcendent sonic experience.

Formed by paskal Suraj, Walker Barnard and a collective of seasoned musicians, Sukira draws inspiration from the mystical traditions of Sufism and the rich tapestry of sounds from the MENA region. With a seamless blend of traditional instruments like the oud, ney, and darbuka alongside cutting-edge electronic elements, Sukira’s music transcends boundaries, inviting listeners on a journey of spiritual exploration and sonic adventure.

From intimate club settings to expansive festival stages, Sukira’s live performances are a testament to their dynamic energy and profound connection with their audience. Each performance is a ritualistic celebration of sound, where listeners are transported to a realm where ancient mysticism meets modern innovation.

With their mesmerizing soundscapes and infectious rhythms, Sukira is redefining the boundaries of electronic music, offering a captivating blend of tradition and innovation that resonates with audiences around the globe. Prepare to be entranced by the spellbinding melodies and pulsating beats of Sukira