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Sound Healing Journey


Suntara is one of Australia’s leading Sound Healers. Suntara means “Bringing Light to the Earth” and that is his soul intention with his Sound Healing and Music.

Suntara has a unique and powerful voice that is often described “other worldly”.

The sound vibrations he channels penetrate deep, moving and shifting energy leaving the audience feeling light, clear and deeply relaxed.

Suntara is a regular at Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia and has performed at the Mind, Body & Spirit Wellbeing Festival in London, UK and Bali Spirit Festival.


Experience Suntara:

Suntara Sound Healing Journey

Suntara delivers a magical musical experience that will transport you to another dimension.

Weaving together “other-worldly” vocals and a myriad of healing instruments such as Shamanic Drums, Crystal Bowls Djembe, Handpan and Didgeridoo Suntara will take you on a musical healing journey into the depths of your soul.
You will return from the journey deeply relaxed with a smile on your face and clarity about life.