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Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Supa Kalulu

Supa Kalulu

Zimbabwean Music


Touched by the compelling beauty of Zimbabwean music, SUPA KALULU plays songs of the region on marimba and mbira. With their collective experience in so many realms of music, the musicians of SUPA KALULU can cover a stunning span of sonic ground: spare, ethereal mbira and vocal pieces; small ensemble music with percussion and guitars; and then the full-on funky-as-funk polyrhythmic marimba orchestra attack of the 13-piece band. Backed by electric guitar, bass and drum kit, hosho and djembe, and spiced just right by a horn section and vocal harmonies.

In the Shona tribal culture, the mbira imparts a peaceful mind and a strong life force. In this spirit, the cross cultural mash-up of players from hemispheres north, south, east and west (United States, Tanzania, Russia and Indonesia) come together to produce an eruptive amalgam of interlocking rhythms that brings audiences to their feet.

SUPA KALULU makes pure joy contagious, breathing new life into the ancestral spirit music of Zimbabwe and original compositions. Wherever SUPA KALULU plays, the Spirits come blessing, the people come dancing, and peace and positivity prevail. One love, everybody!

For more information about Supa Kalulu, find them on https://web.facebook.com/supakaluluband/