Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali March 29 - April 5, 2020

Tom Estonia and Matia Kalli

Tom Estonia and Matia Kalli

Medicines Song & Mantras

Estonia/ USA

Globetrotter Tom and vocal teacher Matia met two years ago in the land of eternal spring (Lake Atitlan, Guatemala) and have been travelling and making music together since. These two shining troubadours carry an in-nate gift of touching hearts even before they sing a single word! The sheer number of medicine songs, chants and mantras Tom and Matia have in their ever expanding repertoire, reflects their burning passion and commitment to the path of celebrating life through sacred music and the universal message of love. They have preformed with well know artists like Rising Appalachia, Darpan, Kirtaniyas, Shimshai, Kailash Kokopelli, Estas Tonne, Fantuzzi, etc.

New york born Matia is a Greek American singer-songwriter born and raised in Brooklyn, New York and She is female vocalist of ecstatic kirtan band Hanuman Project.
Tom is a journalist, musician and author of “How to travel fearlessly”. For last 13 years he has spent most of the year travelling around the world and 3 months in Estonia organising cacao ceremonies, summer-camps, ecstatic dance parties and concerts for international artists. Tom has other music projects Tane Mahuta and Lunadeva & Tombaba.

For more information about Tom Estonia and Matia Kalli, see: www.medicinemantras.com