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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Tom Estonia Valsberg & Friends

Tom Estonia Valsberg & Friends

Shamantras & Bhakti & Medicine Music

Estonia/ USA

Tom Valsberg is globetrotter troubadoure and singer&songwriter from the land of fairies and berries called Estonia. The sheer number of medicine songs, chants and mantras Tom has in his ever expanding repertoire, reflects his burning passion and commitment to the path of celebrating life through sacred music and the universal message of love. He has innate gift to inspire people to discover their voices by creating fun and powerful singing circles. Tom is supported with cajon beats by Rauno Vaher who is also a world traveler and one of the best percussionists of Estonia.

Tom has published 9 world music & folk CD-s with different bands, written two well known books about traveling and has preformed with artists like Rising Appalachia, Shimshai, Murray Kyle, Darpan, Kirtaniyas, Kailash Kokopelli, Estas Tonne, Fantuzzi and Kevin James Carroll.

Most of the time Tom travels the world creating singing circles and spends all summers in Estonia holding cacao ceremonies and organising concerts for international artists. He is also the founder of cacao&ecstatic dance festival Blisstonia and the most well known world traveler from Estonia. If you are on a Europe tour, feel free to contact him for help!

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For more information about Tom Estonia Valsberg & Friends, see: http://www.tanemahuta.ee/en
and http://www.lunadeva.com/