Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Tuluvi Arts

Tuluvi Arts

Brought forth by Kamau Abayomi & Nanaka Abayomi, Tuluvi Arts is an interdimensional communication bringing awareness to the infinite creative reality of life, and its mysteries. Ancient-Future Artistry. Poetic Elegance.

Kamau Abayomi, has been living and guiding others on the path of creative arts expansion, metaphysical awareness, self transformation and balanced living for 25 years. Kamau’s life, art and guidance is rooted in direct experiential mysticism, ‘way of one’ metaphysics and Tuluvi Arts. He is a graduate of the Gateway Voyage consciousness studies program, at the world renown Monroe Institute, is a certified White Tiger Qi Gong instructor and has received Harvard University certification in the study of scriptural Buddhism.

For the last 20 years, Kamau has lived, performed and taught as multi-disciplinary artist, sharing his spoken word, poetry, djing, dance choreography, rap artistry, literary works, spiritual perspective and workshop sessions with the intention of inspiring and motivating others into the
awareness of their own artistic power and spiritual sovereignty.

Nanaka Abayomi began her dance journey at 10 years old, training and performing in traditional Japanese dance (Nihonbuyo). As she came of age, her love of soul music and neo-classical styles would expand her dance into street styles and contemporary movement. After spending the last decade traveling the world, studying and teaching yoga and healing arts, Nana’s passion for dance has evolved into the awareness that dance is a direct connection to the divine, and can be utilized for healing and spiritual expansion.