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Uyau Moris

Uyau Moris

World Music

Uyau Moris began to pioneer a career in music, especially traditional music, starting in 2010, there were several achievements he had made in his musical career, all of this happened because of his love for traditional music, namely Sape, so that he could travel the world to several countries, including in 2011 Tour 3 countries Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore with the vision of Art for the People. Then in 2013 he took part in the Philiphine Dut Dutan Tatto Convention. Apart from being known as a Sape musician, he is also known for having traditional Dayak Kenyah tattoos all over his body. Then in 2014 he participated in the Kuala Lumpur Malaysia International Gamelan Festival with the group. In 2015 he was invited with his band G Five at the World Youth Jazz Festival in Kuala Lumpur. In the same year, he was also invited to take part in a summer festival in France for 2 months in 7 cities, such as Festival Foklores Do Monde in Saint Malo France, Festival De Martigues in Mstigues France, Festival de musiques et Danses du monde in Maintenon, Festival of Danses, Musiques et voixdu monde Felletin, Festival De Montoire in Montire, Festival La ronde des copains du monde in Ambert France , Festival Du Houblon in Haguenau. Then in 2016 he was again invited to take part in the World Youth Jazz Festival in Kuala Lumpur and in the middle of the year represented Indonesia in Japan in the Asian Beat Festival Band competition and won 2nd place in Asia and at the end of 2016 he was invited by the Indonesian Embassy in Astana Khazakstan with several musicians in the Indonesian concert culture. In May 2017 performed at the World Harvest Festival in Sarawak Malaysia. in mid-2017 the Canadian embassy in Ottawa was invited to the Ottawa Canda150 celebration. At the end of 2017, he was invited again by the Indonesian embassy in Chicago America for the 2017 Remakable Indonesian Fair. In 2018 he took part in the LOJA Festival in Ecuador and the Panama Tribal Gathering 2020.


  1. Sape’s solo album “Ferenek Tozang” 2012
  2. Album “Sao Songe” 2013
  3. Borneo Sounds Of Journey 2015
  4. Album “Tange Empek” 2016
  5. Album Soul Of Borneo 2018
  6. Fly In The Sky 2019
  7. Adilkatalino 2020