Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Electronica, World Music, Ecstatic Dance, Folk


Yujoy is the stage name of musician, artist, and sound producer – Yury Avi. His artistic vision is dedicated to freedom of self-expression, creative diversity, and multicultural vibrancy. He uses music as a language and a bridge to merge and unite different musical genres,
styles, languages, and sounds in one soulful and unique tapestry. The project combines together various influences of electronic, roots,
funk, soul, reggae, folk, and world music. His sound incorporates the use of organic and electronic instrumentation and is recreated by a full
band in live performances. The project exists as an open collaboration with international musicians, producers, and performers and explores
the landscape of modern sound and world music traditions of various cultures.

Yujoy is the kind of artist who brings a positive and powerful charge of good vibes to people through his music. Traveling around the world he finds inspiration in different cultures and people, which strongly affects his uplifting and soulful music. Yujoy was living in Melbourne, Australia for several years and was actively involved in the city’s vibrant and rich music scene. Inspired by the various genres and quality of local sound he began to write his own music, and that’s where Yujoy’s project has begun. The Melbourne sound is fundamentally imprinted on Yujoy’s music and style until today.

The main “message” of Yujoy’s songs is to follow your heart and not be afraid of who you are, to follow your dreams, and be open to the mysteries of life, creativity, love, and freedom.