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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

September 5-20, 2020

The Yogabarn, Ubud Bali

The One Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for those who aspire to become yoga teachers and/or for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of Yoga.

This unique teacher training enables a rich exploration into the art, science and spirit of transformation. Together we experience the alchemical effects of the potent integration of the following:

  • Daily yoga practice – guided by master teacher to awaken spiritual insight

  • Pranayama (breathing practices)

  • Meditation

  • Daily puja ( daily bringing of the heart to gratitude and offering)

  • Yoga philosophy

  • Spiritual inquiry, contemplation

  • Time in silence

  • Mindfulness practices

  • Sound healing

  • Community sharing

  • Spiritual teachings

  • Deepening understanding of spiritual transformation dynamics

  • Tools for navigating challenging times

  • Delicious & nourishing food

  • Idyllic, beautiful environment

A Journey of Transformation

Using principles of transformation, which will be both learned and applied, this course is designed to take you on a journey into the depths of your being to discover the freedom and happiness that is your essential  nature.  As the program progresses we progressively explore subtler levels consciousness and gain tools to work on these new found levels of being.  If one is sincere, courageous, open and determined,  this journey will  trigger a transformation process; and in doing so, it will awaken dormant potentials.  The last days we resurface to explore how to skillfully integrate these discoveries into our daily life and how to live a life of great purpose and contribution.

For more information about this teacher training, see: http://www.tanyakaps.com/about-the-training-1