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Reversing Paralysis: The Incredible Journey of John Wong

Former molecular biologist, John Wong, has a pretty spectacular story to tell. His seminar at the BaliSpirit Festival on “Applied Metaphysics” was an interesting blend of irreverence and inspiration. The talk started with the famous “Sun Worshipper” skit by George Carlin about God and faith. Okay, I thought, this is kinda funny but where is this all going? After the Carlin clip, we watched a video of wing suit jumpers. Those are the guys (mostly) that jump off of cliffs in aerodynamic suits and fly for up to an hour at speeds up to 200 kilometers/hour before parachuting to the ground. Now it was becoming more clear. John Wong’s workshop was about believing you can do the impossible.

It turns out that John healed himself from an “incurable” neurological disorder that paralyzed his body from the neck down. He couldn’t control any of his bodily functions, plus he had lost 80% of his eyesight due to retina damage. All of his doctors told him that he would never be able to live without assistance again. Today, he’s completely well, walking and talking to people all over the world.

John is not a yoga teacher or dancer or musician and even though he showed us documented cases of the miracles he has helped other people achieve for themselves, he shuns the word “healer”. What he wanted to share most was that we can heal and regenerate completely and that the techniques themselves are not that difficult. I’ll paraphrase how he says he did it. Everyday for four years, he said to himself that he believed in the miracle that he would be healthy again. He didn’t offer a pleading prayer, he commanded his healing. And he made a vow to be of service.

He noted that all of the rituals we perform for our spiritual well-being are like starter tools. The main thing we need to do is connect. We pray and chant and do yoga and eat well but we also need to connect to Source. When he was paralyzed, his daily practice consisted of having a conversation with Source that went something like this: If I am part of you, I want to know you, now! My body belongs to you. I want to be completely healed, now! Attached to that surrender and healing command was a strong vow to serve other people. He joked that after his full recovery he bought a sports car and started chasing women. Then he got another emotionally profound wake-up call that encouraged him to continue his path of service. He’s just a regular guy with regular problems.

But doing the above everyday and believing in miracles changed his life. He learned to direct the power of his mind in a way that could change his current reality. The reason for this has to do with a Buddhist concept called “3,000 realms in one living moment” which basically states that due to the constantly shifting nature of reality, we can call into being any number of probable outcomes. John has had an amazing life experience and his current mission is to teach people how they can learn to create their own miracles. In fact, he’s written a book about it called Awaken Your Healing Power – A Molecular Biologist’s Journey in Reversing Paralysis and Blindness through Transcendental Connection. I just downloaded it from the iTunes Store. I want to know more about how these incredible recoveries happen. And maybe miracles are more commonplace than we realize.

Written by : Jaguar Mary


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