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Six ways to change your life at this year’s Festival

With a line-up of healers, musicians, yogis and experts in transformation and joy that features many of the world’s best.. it’s impossible to go wrong at this year’s Festival if you follow your bliss.

But if our gourmet spread of offerings leaves you a little breathless.. here are six sure ways to make this year’s Festival one you’ll never forget.

1. Love Your Monster, Free Your Creative Genius… the incredible Jamie Catto of Faithlessand One Giant Leap fame joins us direct from London to share workshops so powerful at freeing creative energy that they might be just a teeny bit dangerous! But 0nly if you’re not quite ready for a life of passion, authentic expression and the courage to follow dreams more beautiful than you might have dared to admit.

Jamie’s own life, working with the likes of Bono, Michael Stipe (REM), Billy Connolly, Tom Robbins, Noam Chomsky, Bob Geldof, Kurt Vonnegut and shaman, criminals, healers and saints across the planet is proof of his ability to turn an ordinary life into a living, breathing example of… wow!

“We are, every one of us, like a wise guru in charge of a mental patient.” he says, The key to enlightenment and to living the life you were born for is… “loving the freaky creature you are”!

Book a place at one of Jamie’s unforgettable workshops here.


2. Let Nature Be Your Yoga… Danny Paradise, traveling, singing, mystic yoga-shaman says this Festival is one of the year’s best because BaliSpirit ALWAYS invites the world’s best yoga teacher; nature. 

One of the first teachers to lead the yoga-wave in the West, Danny has a life-time of experience, including teaching Madonna, Sting and students all over the world, the chance to take a class with him is an opportunity to journey through the wisdom of Egypt, India, Mayan mysteries and discover the most ancient keys to yoga.

“Yoga is Nature’s instructions on how to live a human life, given to us by the forest and the sea. By the birds and insects, and by Gaia Herself,” he says.


3. Rock your World… There is No experience like seeing Australian musical genius Xavier Rudd live – and this is the first time in the History of the World that he offers his one-man alchemical journey through didge, drum, voice, guitar, birdsong and soulsong on stage in Ubud.

Tune in here

Xavier Rudd is, in a word – indescribable! Inspired by nature, the Australian land, Indigenous culture and a life philosophy of following the flow, he was once voted the world’s sexiest vegan, is a committed bare-footer, passionate surfer and Aboriginal activist –

whatever you do, Don’t Miss Him!


4. Sing your own song… The reason we call this gorgeous, magical adventure playground a Universe is that it is, as the ancients knew, one great big symphony of vibration, sound and song – a Uni- Verse – with all our grooves included! 

Sound healer and physics boffin David Gibson has spent a lifetime tuning in to the whole symphony of vibes that creates the world, and composes every one of us in it – our health, our happiness, hopes, fears and potentials are all signature tunes we are constantly humming to ourselves through our thinking, our cells and our environments.

David can show you how to find your true song, the vibration and resonance that you are here to add to the collective symphony, and which brings the greatest joy, health and expression of life through you and into the world.

Check out his workshop schedule at the Festival desk and learn more at


5. Take a ride on a crystal rainbow… Darling of the Ubud healing family, and international leader in healing through the living sound of crystal bowls, Awahoshi is a Cheyenne-Slovakian clairvoyant musician recognized by the Native American Hopi Bear and Blue Flute Tribal Elders, Navaho Medicine Keepers, and Mayan Priests as “one who brings circles of Healing to the World.”

Lying on the lush green grass at the Festival, under the utopian blue of a Bali sky, traveling the sacred songlines of her bowls as six thousand other souls delight in the magnificence of other offerings around you at the Festival is one of the most delicious experiences on Earth.

You can find her in your program book.. follow your bliss toward her on the Festival grounds at


6. Discover the world’s most delicious medicine…

Essential oils are the yummiest offering in nature’s pharmacy.

Follow your nose to find festival guest Frances Fuller who has a heavenly basket of Young Living Oils and is teaching how to use them to amplify your bliss, calm you when you’re in Festival euphoria, ease those aching dancing feet and deepen your dive into the adventure.

Discover how essential oils like lavender can support your energy, and how Sacred Mountain blend can open your heart and deepen your learning, Digize will pull you through any tummy troubles and the lovely Ningxia Red RED blend is the graceful way to keep you moving all day and rockin’ all night.


Written by : Jade Richardson


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