Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Sound Healing: Daphne Tse & John De Kadt. Opening your Voice and Sacred Song

Jump into the sea of singing, dive into the ocean of sound. Let it vibrate through your being and free your spirit. Opening your heart. Set in the tropical setting Daphne just seems to radiate the flowering paradise of Bali Spirit Festival and share the sweet paradise of the sacred essence that is flowering from the land here. It is time to set the intention of the practice of bakti yoga. Thank you Daphne, John and Eric.

Journeying through the chakras with tones and pitches that vibrate and free and open these channels. It felt liberating to open and feel the energy flowing and opening, in this divine way. I remember these exsercises from many years ago, and so good to be reminded of all the practices and ways to move and open. I could feel tension and ways of being shifting and the voice opening. Looking around the room at some fresh new comers all open with frangipanis in hair enjoying the tropical heat of Ubud. The musicians held the space beautifully with the many kinds of drums and flutes as we aaaaaad and eeeeeeed through the sacred centre of our being.

And more delicious waves tumbled to the shores of our being as we were treated to the poetry of rumi by John with the hung drum. As more presence of the open heart was recited by Rumi of love and sweet vibrations, shimmering stars, and city of the soul to sing your note. To open to God, to love, as we sing the body joins the momentum of the universe.

Then blessed by the divine balance of shiva shakti we were back to Daphne who took us through another exercise. Where in the beginning the group was asked who thought they were singers? To the raising of a few timid hands. And then with some encouragement there was a strong “aho” and the lower bale of purnati sounded like a bunch of native warriors of the heart, claiming the power of the power of the voice.

“Aum Namaho Lakshmi Ma”… and the chant began. Giving thanks to the beautiful devis. More abundance of the heart and life, as Daphne called all the mas of the island. honouring the beautiful women that hold sacred space on the island of Bali, doing ceremony cooking and living simply with the Earth and the temples around. This made me smile and wonder at the universe, as when I was riding my scooter through the hills on the way to the festival I had seen the beautiful chiselled older faces of the older people here in bali and felt so much happiness that they were here. And so open to sharing this incredible island with us. I pray all beings can walk in harmony and grace and understanding as the spirit opens to more people coming to walk in these lands. May all who come walk with as much respect and honour as I felt from Daphne, John and Eric, and thankyou to the pictures by Ulrike Reinhold.

I enjoyed listening to the sound of the kecak chant that was going on next door as the silence came through the beautiful melodies gently washed down, into the sands of our bodies. Then I wondered that this was just the first day of Bali Spirit Festival, and definately look forward to more openings as the next days continued. What a powerful moment in this time and how gifted we are to have such a conscious group of people gather, to share, sing and dance and open to the mystery of these times in 2013. May the voice be a full offering, a gift to the world as it was in these few hours next to the lotuses in Punati at Bali Spirit Festival.

Written by : Kala Shekinah


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