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Spiritual Nutrition with Hillary Hitt

Lunch time proved to be a great time to talk about spiritual nutrition. As we chomped on our salads, nasi campur, raw chocolate balls and sipped sweet nectar from the gods (coconut water), the gracious Hillary Hitt shared her views on the body’s needs in regards to ultimate nourishment.

Hillary used to work in a vegetarian restaurant in San Francisco; and though she doesn’t completely agree with the make-up of the macrobiotic diet as prepared there, she shares with us what she learned there and still incorporates into her life right now.

“You put your energy into the food you prepare, so that it can come back to you. So that it can become you.”

She goes on to ask a question which will be the leading point of focus during the next hour or so. “The optimal food we’re all looking for is light. How do we prepare our body to take in food, and have it become light?”

Why do some people just not feel good on a clean or raw food diet?

You need to cleanse the body to be able to receive the food’s energy. Only after cleansing properly, your energy gets tweaked so that you can actually take in clean food’s higher vibrations. Once you are able to eat and digest food full of light, you will notice you need less and less of it. If following a raw/clean diet did not make you feel good, ask yourself: did I completely clear away the old energy, the lower vibrations, from my tissues?

People that are new to cleansing or fasting might think that they’ll be done after a good run of green juices and colonics – nothing less holds true though. Most of us were vaccinated when growing up, have used multiple courses of antibiotics, and were raised on an (un)fair amount of processed foods – none of which were ever really tested for human consumption/ingestion. All of this stuff is still in our body, and won’t be gone after one round of pure and wholesome foods or a fast.

Our health does not only rely on what we eat, but also on how, with who, and at what time.

Hillary explains how your crown chakra should be in touch with sunlight, at least 15 to 20 minutes every day – in order for your pineal gland to be able to produce melatonin. Throughout the day, our body is in a state of generating acid. In the evening, around 10 pm, we turn to a more passive state, in which melatonin is released. The parasympathetic system kicks in, and melatonin receptors take in the hormone. If you are eating late at night, you remain in a state of generating acid as your body is working on digesting your food, which keeps the receptors from receiving melatonin.

Melatonin regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Without proper reception, we don’t get to deeper states of sleep. And it is these deeper states that take us to deeper stages of cleansing; around 4 am our liver kicks out bile and toxins; about an hour before waking our body produces Human Growth Hormone – which stimulates cell reproduction and regeneration.

An ideal day

So, what is the best way to take care of ourselves, from waking until sleeping? Upon rising, open your eyes and expand your arms out wide towards the sky, be an empty vessel and invite light to enter you. Next, breathe. Then, drink water. (These steps allow us to take in all the elements). Follow this by vital exercise. If you eat first thing in the morning, as some people need to, you take energy away from being open. Don’t eat before exercising, as you want to generate energy.

Drink water with some drops of ionic liquid mineral drops in it after working out; your body does not need sugar at this moment, but is really in need of minerals.

Breakfast is not needed by everyone – those with a slower metabolism should eat less, or they might feel very tired afterwards. As a general rule, stick to local, in-season, ripe foods. The more you eat from the ground, the more mineral-rich your food is and the easier it is for you to adapt to your surroundings.

Lunch should be your biggest meal of the day, if you eat animal protein: the time is now. Eat light in the evening; choose a salad or steamed vegetables. Do you have problems digesting? Don’t put too many different foods together and practice food combining.

Sleep well, play on your mat often, eat bitter foods, drink loads of water, keep an open heart, smile lots and be in-light-ened.

Written by : Saar Grolleman


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