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Tarot Wayang by Mr. Q

As a student of tarot back home in the states, I was beyound excited to find an Indonesian tarot reader, and even more fantastic, and Indonesian tarot deck. The Wayang Tarot deck shows images of traditional Javanese puppets exploring mans interaction with Universal Intelligence. The cards guide you to become familiar with the elements of this world and how they show through the human life, the chakras that may need attention, and the reflections of our experience on this planet as it shows in the stars above. Wayang is a story of Mahabrata and Ramayana which is an electorate tale to illustrate and educate the Indonesian people in honesty, courage, confidence and wisdom.

The reader Ekky Sugganda, he goes by the name Mr. Q when working with cards, has a beautiful relationship with the Wayang Tarot. He became involved with his work more than 20 years ago through a sparked interest. He found that the cards spoke to him, as messages of the divine, you might call it god, Ekky calls it, “the one true teacher”. But these are no ordinary cards, no, in order for the messages to be received Mr. Q must pay-it-forward with any income he earns as a reader. He and his wife April, who also served as translator through the interview and reading, explained that they have a group of disabled children that they care for and mentor with the money the cards bring in.

The reading opens with a ritual of incense and tapping to clear out old energies and invite in the guides for the person being read. Then Mr. Q asks you to say your own name in the seat of your heart and whistle a long blow into the deck. He checks to see if the cards have picked up that essence and if they have he begins to shuffle. The shuffling results in four piles, representing the four elements; earth, air, fire and water but which pile corresponds to which element is unknown. Our subject, Reezy in this case, picks a pile to be read from and from there the cards are laid out in the pattern of the universe. There is a good chance that the pile will have too little or too many cards for the pattern, in the latter case, it is seen as a direct message about the now from the guides and the cards. In the former, there is a lack or void that needs tending to. Reezy had three extra cards to offer insights on where she is at the moment and how to move to the next place on her journey. After the extra cards are read the session coninues by question and answer. Each question you ask is answered by the card you choose from the universal pattern. When the reading was coming to an end, Mr.Q asked Reezy’s permission to pull one final card, the card of her destiny and who she is meant to be in this lifetime (whoa!), Reezy consented and the card chosen was the first and only of the reading that showed with a female puppet on a blue background. The message was one of staying with her intuition and always speaking her truth. He said she would find her way by being true to herself always. The entire reading felt very big, and almost too intimate to have an audience attend.

I highly recommend stopping by Mr. Q’s table and having a peak at the cards. Take a few quiet moments first to find the burning questions, and be ready for illuminating answers.

Ekky is a name meaning key fixer in Indonesian, while Mr. Q is a representation of qi, prana or life energy. Ekky sees the many religions of the world as merchants of keys, selling them with promises of opening the same doors. What he doesn’t see much of is a recognition that we all came in with our own keys, and that rather than buying new ones, we should work our life to mend the one we have. Ekky’s life work and mission is to help guide others through fixing their own key to open the door of Univeral Spirit. He doesn’t want a large shop, or a lot of money for the job, just enough to give back to the community and a promise of listening to the god within.

Ekky Sugganda is a medium, spiritual consultant, hypnotherapist and yoga practitioner. He is also a mentor to his community and offers training in any of these divine arts. He can be found through the healing tent at the BaliSpirit Festival.

I wouldn’t miss him!

[email protected] 
+62 81 999 072 035 
+62 81 236 111 363

Written by : Alexis Lea Arvidson


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