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The BaliSpirit Festival Blog Series – #5 Bringing The Bali Spirit Back Home

There is so much that makes the BaliSpirit Festival special, soulful and spectacular. In this series of blog articles, I am excited to explore the many facets of it, taking you along on my personal experience of it. The intention is to keep the Bali spirit alive, long after you have left the festival grounds. And for those of you who weren’t here (yet) I am hoping that this text spreads the spirit to you as well, giving you an impression of this fascinating festival.

This is the fifth and final article of the BaliSpirit Festival blog series. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed traveling along and reliving/ receiving a glimpse of the festival. To stay in this high vibe and heart-centered state of mind, here are ten tips to stay connected to the Bali spirit. 

#5 Bringing The Bali Spirit Back Home

The BaliSpirit Festival provides a beautiful bliss boost, and it also points towards the possibility of living this way every day. Because… even though this year’s BaliSpirit bliss bubble had to come to an end (it did end with a bang though, anyone there at the last Ecstatic Dance or Closing Ceremony?) we can still stay connected to the BaliSpirit.

And the theme of this year’s festival “Return To Source” actually already says it all. When we stay in touch with source energy, it infuses our life with magic, miracles and aliveness. Simply stating the intention of returning to source can sometimes be enough, it could become your mantra. Along with that, here are ten tips to help you stay ‘tuned in, tapped in, turned on’:

Ten Tips to Stay in Touch with Source

1. Letting Spirit Lead

If you were at the BaliSpirit Festival, the program probably taught you at some point (or from the start, in that case congrats!) to surrender. You could never do it all, so better to let go and let spirit lead. The same principle, of course, goes for life. Our minds are brilliant at certain tasks, but could never compete with the infinite intelligence, wisdom and overview of source. Most of you reading this, probably already hold your heart in high regard when it comes to making choices. But at times we forget. By training ourselves to listen to the whispering voice instead of the screaming one, our connection to spirit strengthens.

2. Connect with Community

As described in blog article #2 one of the elements that makes the BaliSpirit Festival so special, is the tribe. Spending one week with like-minded, soulful, high vibe soul travelers is enough to make a difference in and of itself. So if you don’t live in Bali, see if you can cultivate this type of community back home, or if there is really not much going on, create it by starting a local meetup or finding your tribe online. You could also find a BaliSpirit buddy. Someone you connected with at the festival, with whom you could connect once in a while to revive the vibe.

3. See the Serendipity

One of the ways in which spirit communicates with us is through synchronicities. They are those coincidences that are too magical to simply be coincidences. As Tah Riq beautifully described it in his workshop Coincidence = Two incidences traveling along time and space and meeting each other – design communicating with you. When we train to see them, and acknowledge them as pointers or confirmation of the direction to head in, we’re on the right track to staying connected to source. This is actually the first insight in the book ‘Celestine Prophecy’ which was one of the books I read on my spiritual journey many years ago which turns out to be the same for more of the BaliSpirit tribers. If you haven’t read it yet, highly recommended to stay in the right mindset:

4. A Magical Mindset

The first day of the festival I woke up with the following phrase in my head ‘live less from fear and more from magic’, I decided to make it into my mantra. And indeed, magic is what showed up everywhere. A string of synchronicities culminating into a fulfilling flow. We can cultivate this mindset in our daily lives as well, for instance, by simply expecting miracles to show up every day. Another way to stay in this positive mindset is by reading books that lift and light us up. Books that remind us that there is more to life and more to us than what we’re raised to be and see.

5. Miracle Mornings

One effective way to make sure you actually do read these books, is by making them part of a personal daily routine. Talking about books that lift you up, the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod is one book that provides a practice as well as tons of inspiration and motivation to make the best out of yourself and your life. It’s about creating a morning routine that may transform your life. Even if you don’t use the practices that the author suggests, you can always still create your own morning ritual.

6. Be With Your Body

Our body is our most precise guide in staying connected to source and navigating our way through life. We can start by paying more attention to its signals. Who or what makes it contract or expand? And then eliminate the first and focus on increasing the second. Also, expressing our emotions in a way that works for us is important in ensuring that our life energy flows freely through us, reflected in a flow state in life. Moving our bodies in a way that feels good and feeding it with healthy food also keeps our vibration high, which keeps us closer to source.

7. Hold Your Vibes High

Speaking about a high vibration, this is one of the most important ingredients of the BaliSpirit Festival and in creating a life you love. Implementing and integrating the tools that resonate from this list, into your life, is one way to go about it. You can also create your own list, by writing down all the things that make you happy, and committing to doing at least one of them daily.

8. Sync With Spirit

Of course the most direct connection to source is made by tuning in to spirit. The fast-track to that is… yep, you probably guessed it: meditation. Most of us know, but to actually do it regularly takes some ‘blissipline’. And as you probably also already know, it doesn’t necessarily have to be done breathing while sitting down. You can also bring a meditative attitude to your movement practice.

9. Music and Mantras

It’s not needed to say about much about this one. We all know the effect of music on our moods. Especially consciously-made music. Chanting mantras can become a practice that lifts us and connects us to spirit. Moving to music can help us sweat and shake out the stress. And if you need some new inspiration, have a look at the BaliSpirit schedule to see all the musicians that were present and look them up online.

10. Appreciate and Celebrate

As Oprah says it ‘The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to 
Celebrate’. Not much more to add. It’s a theme that was repeated throughout the festival. Whether you wake up and take a moment to appreciate the moment that you’re alive, or list your moments of gratitude before you go to bed. Whether you write it in a journal, feel it in the moment or share it with a friend. Whatever feels good for you works, and it helps us to remain aware of the gift it is to simply be alive. Or as one of the BaliSpirit tribers said on the last day, ‘sometimes when I need a little ‘pick-me-up’ I simply get out of bed and pretend it’s my birthday’. That’s the attitude!

So let’s stay connected with source and with each other online and offline. Reaching out. Sharing. Showing yourself. The real you, as you’ve felt it at the festival.

When we show up this way towards each other, ourselves, and everyone we meet, we spread the seed that was so lovingly planted during the festival. And of course, if you have the chance, come (back) to the festival next year to dive a level deeper!

“Spirit is everywhere, all the time. So you are no longer separated from the spirit of Bali and the teachers and friends you’ve connected with” 
~Sundari, Abria Joseph, Swami Arun

Article by Nicky de Koning, Spiritual Business Coach, Supporting Soulful Entrepreneurs to Shine Online at


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