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The Importance of Ceremonies in Our Modern World

When we come together in this way – the way the Ancients did, we create a very powerful vortex of supportive and creative energy that helps us to work deeply and quickly to transform lower energies and limiting self-beliefs with powerful ease. Leaving us clear and free to call in a new way for ourselves, our lives and our planet. We become joyfully present and purposeful, as the masterful creators of our own reality.


In our modern lives, we have really forgotten what it is to be connected. Ancient people were in constant communion, balance and reciprocity with nature, with each other and most importantly with themselves. They knew who they were, they knew where they came from, they knew how to thrive and they knew the power and importance of community and coming together in ceremony and celebration so that they could collectively heal, connect and call in a new way.


They knew the power of the plants. They understood and made use of the wisdom that they have held within their DNA from existing on the earth for thousands, if not millions of years, and the secrets that they hold for us to thrive here on this planet and to help us to remember our true nature.

When we consciously come together in ceremony we come into deep reverence, connection and one-ness with all that is, with others and especially with ourselves. We realize the truth that there is no separation. Everything is us and we are everything. That EVERYTHING is Ceremony. LIFE is Ceremony. Ceremony is about our conscious interaction with all things. It’s what we call AYNI in the Andes – it’s the guiding principle. Reciprocity. The understanding that nothing goes one way. What we ask for ourselves we ask for everything and everyone. That everything is interconnected.

For anyone who believes and feels they are ready to learn, heal and grow through these ancient modalities and wisdom, should have the opportunity to do so. Because when one of us heals, we all heal. When we heal ourselves, we are healing the world.



The energy of the group is also instrumental to transmute challenges and summon courage and healing for every individual. In gathering we can experience a greater sense of humility as we surpass our differences and offer our presence and witnessing by opening our minds and hearts. This is when we can truly come back to the truth of who are are, feel supported and met, as well as get filled up on soul-nourishment, all within the strong container of the sacred ceremony.

When Oprah interviewed one of her own mentors, Gary Zukov, known for his bestselling book, The Seat of the Soul, they shared their vision for what it means to be a Universal Human. In Oprah’s words, we are even more polarized and divided because we are living in the world of fear-based leadership, which is only going to lead to more fear, unless we authentically align with ourselves and create authentic power. The only way to change the world is to change yourself.

This is when Maya Angelou’s message was shared, that we are much more alike, than we are different. In fact, Gary Zukov proceeded to explain that there is no such thing as race. Geneticists and anthropologists have discarded that term 50 years ago. There are only ethnic differences. In other words, the difference in the color of skin is no more significant genetically, than the color of the eyes.

Oprah was also quick to point out in response that there may not be race, but there is definitely racism. Furthermore, it is the fear of differences, which she believes forms such limiting communities, and only by being the Universal Human in any community we come into, that we can create a truly inclusive and authentic community.

Yoga and music festivals like Bali Spirit Festival, create an opportunity for individuals to experience what it feels to be a Universal Human because they are guided to come into an environment where such values are present and new ways of relating and connecting are demonstrated.

In the spirit of creating better communities, we have interviewed one of our returning guests of the festival this year, Jemmita Inkari Kuyay. She is known for her soul-ravishing cacao ceremonies and she also takes people on shamanic immersions and Peru Pilgrimages. Jemmita has studied the ceremonial arts with the elders from the Cusco area in the Andes Peru and has an affinity for the art of ceremony and holding space, and here is what she had to share.

We are all indigenous to this beautiful planet, what matters is we respect the beliefs and traditions of the people that have carried them. What feels of utmost importance to me is cultivating deep connection to who we really are. To be humble, respectful, non-judgmental and open. Surely, we are all working towards the same common goal. Unifying ourselves as one human family beyond race, colours, tradition or creed. That’s what my lineage has taught me and what feels true to my heart. 


There is a rising theme of cultural appropriation taking place. It’s an important discussion and one that we are not going to be able to avoid, nor should we. As with any heated topic, it invites a myriad of perspectives, and there are many different ideas and opinions on this from both cultural people and those that support them.

I have addressed this topic at length with my elders (from the Cusco area in the Andes Peru) and within my own community in Byron Bay where it is quite activated at the moment.

It feels what is really valuable about this discussion though is bringing to light a deepened awareness of how people are engaging in or facilitating ceremony or ritual. Its takes humility. And we must give back to the cultures who’s tradition we are working with, by supporting them financially when we can and staying in integrity with what we have been asked to share.

My teachers are mostly unable to travel so they have specifically asked that I share their gifts with the Western world and bring people to them so that they are able to share their Ancient wisdom with people from all over the planet. They, like me, are in service to one human family that knows no colour race or creed.

Here is what my elders had to say when I approached them to discuss this topic:

“Jemmita, please tell them the culture belongs to our humanity. Nobody owns culture. We do need to respect the traditions and beliefs of the people, and you are doing that. Please tell them you have the blessings of the Elders from Cusco. It worries us that this talk unconsciously creates a new kind of racism. Its feeding our illusions of separation. Thousands of years ago everyone was indigenous. The ancient traditions bring consciousness that allow us to understand oneself and the cosmos. Its life science. Practical wisdom. Its the path of medicine. When everyone finally remembers who we really are and the implications of that – we all become indigenous. Jemmita, don’t allow it to affect you, it’s not important on your path. you no longer need these terms and conditions.”

And finally from maestro Puma:

“Jemmita, we are all a Rainbow Family. Even if yellow doesn’t agree with red we must remind them we belong to the light that created the rainbow, not to each individual ray. Our Lineage is Timeless, while we are Temporarily here, we are not from here, we come from the never rising neither setting Sun. The Lineage we carry is from That Absolute Sun. Though while we are here, we will live with the Day and the Night. So we must Love Dualism. Also while remembering we come from Beyond Dualism. We must exist with Polarities while our nature rises beyond it. Love your self more Dear Jemmita. That is how we shine Brighter!!!!”

I’d like to share that the Cacao ceremonies I guide are not indigenous or traditional. The prayers I use are simply an honoring of the natural elements that we are surrounded by as humans and that have an impact our life everyday. Some words are inspired by prayers I have received along the way and most come directly from my heart.

For me this is about us coming together in prayer. Be in in a church, in a hall or in a festival. Coming together as one people to co create and call in a better way. For ourselves, for each other and for our precious planet. I know I have the blessings of my Masters and my Mountains. I have chosen a clear path of service. And I will always act from integrity and approach everything and everyone with humility, respect and love.

I have had many people ask me to teach how to do Cacao Ceremony – but how can I? The prayers are from within. Like my Maestros said to me when I asked them to teach me to pray in their Quecha language – Jemmita you must feel your prayers, It’s not about your words. It’s about your heart. Guiding or mentoring people how to connect to themselves and the Natural world that supports us so unconditionally feels more appropriate to me than teaching prayers or ritual. That comes later. Authentic connection to the 3 realms of existence, the inner, the physical and the spiritual world – is the foundation of everything.

Ritual is something different to ceremony. These are more specific actions that for many reasons need to be performed in certain ways. These I believe you absolutely need to be traditionally trained and been given a blessing by the elders to perform them. Having said that though, my Maestro Puma says it’s like being given a recipe. You are taught the basics then it becomes important that you infuse it with your essence.



Lastly, I would like to encourage us all to be mindful in the way we approach sacred places and beings. Whether visiting mountains, temples, sacred sites or engaging in ceremony or ritual – always approach like you were entering the house of an elder. How would you show up? Would you barge in uninvited and without permission, or would you arrive carrying an offering of something to show your appreciation and respect for having been invited on the first place? Some flowers, something sweet. If you have nothing with you, its ok. Make yourself the offering. Allow the ancestors, the beings to see your pure reverent heart. Offer yourself in service of unconditional love. And above all else show humility. And always say Thank You for all that they so generously give and you so lovingly receive.

You may wish to make this a part of your own personal ritual or ceremony, every single day. If we do this, our level of connection deepens exponentially. We really get to experience what it is to be in constant ceremony with life as our ally – just in the way traditional people still do up to this day.


If you would like to learn more about Jemmita, you can connect with her here:, Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Age.


Article written by Jemmita Inkari Kuyay & Nailia Minnebaeva 


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