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The Music Lover’s Guide to BaliSpirit Festival

Everything you need to know about Music at BaliSpirit Festival 2017

If an entire week of yoga and meditation is really not your thing, don’t worry you are not alone! Music maestros, spiritual sound seekers, devotional dance divas… calling all you Music Lovers out there, here is what BaliSpirit Festival has lined up for 2017….

BaliSpirit Festival hosts a wide range of music throughout the week, from sacred and community building Bhakti nights to lively world music concerts, celebrating the fusion of Eastern and Western music. Thousands of people form a community from all over the world and return to BaliSpirit Festival every year to feel uplifted and supported together to reach their highest self, either through music, healing or yoga.


What music events can I experience at BaliSpirit Festival?

During the weekdays at BaliSpirit Festival (March 19 – 24) at our daytime venue, the stunning Bhuanuswari Resort, we are hosting the finest line-up of sacred music celebration! Daytime music events range from Sound Healing Meditation, to Balinese music performances and percussion workshops to endless music at the Coco Love Stage. In the evenings, the Bhakti Night concerts host Medicine Music, Kirtan, Ecstatic Dance and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.     

The Bhakti Night performances unite a huge global community of highly conscious individuals. The evening weekday Bhakti Night music concerts at the Bhuanuswari resort feature Kundalini mantra singers, Kirtan with The Hanumen, the always popular and lively Ecstatic dance will be led by legendary Ecstatic Dance DJ, Shaman’s Dream. There will also be a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, which is an ecstatic communal ritual celebration dedicated to Mother Earth. You drink hot cacao, chant, dance and meditate together… Never tried it? You NEED to.

photo by Matt Oldfield

Who are the main music headliners at BaliSpirit Festival?

The main One World One Stage music events take place at our nighttime venue, ARMA in central Ubud, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings (March 24, 25 and 26). The headlining world music artists share and communicate spirituality, activism and are all uniquely authentic and empowering to listeners. 

This year, we have popular Australian singer-songwriter, social and environmental activist, Xavier Rudd & The United Nations, feel-good Indian Bollywood artists – Chugge Khan & Rajasthan Josh,  Desi Sub Culture, a global bass fusion celebrating their cultural diversity from Panjabi folk to urban hip hop beats.

Brooklyn Gypsies will be performing with an eclectic collective of NYC-based musicians playing live dance music as well as transformational and multi genre musician Elijah Ray & the Band of Light.
Chilean-Indonesian roots reggae act Sebatierra and The Earth Keepers are gracing the stage alongside the crowd engaging Bana Kuma Orchestra feat. Chris Berry and uplifting “Medicine Beat” musician, Iemanjo.

photo by Matt Oldfield

A word from the main man himself, BaliSpirit Festival’s Musical Director, Rob Weber:

“The 10th anniversary edition of our music line-up is an encapsulation of the high-vibe musical diversity our audience loves so much: established conscious-festival headliners, authentic world music masters, and up-and-coming underground artists. The unifying principle is simple: BaliSpirit’s artists are inspired by a higher power and transmit that light through their music.” – Rob Weber, BaliSpirit Festival Musical Director. 

Through high vibe music and consciousness, the spirituality and energy felt in Bali is amplified and shared among a huge international community of highly conscious individuals. For some, BaliSpirit Festival has become a pilgrimage, a safe environment for people to celebrate and feel liberated within a community of like minded people, conscious about health and the environment on the same spiritual journey together. 

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We hope you see you there!

Written by Maeve Nelligan


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