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The Take-Away from BaliSpirit Festival

I caught up with Charley Patton at poolside at the Purnati Center for the Arts on Saturday afternoon for a midstream check-in chat about the BaliSpirit Festival. Charley is one of the leaders of the Festival, a partner and co-founder of the organization Yoga Barn and a major mover behind the scenes in attracting and coordinating the talent that makes the annual event such a rich high-quality experience.

Charley was very pleased with the results of the week. This year’s Festival was sold out every day, maximizing the reach of the event. And two major charity initiatives in Bali received strong support from the Festival: the Bali reforestation program of Environmental Bamboo Foundation ( and the edu-awareness outreach program AYO Kita Bicara HIV/AIDS (Let’s Talk About HIV/AIDS).

When I asked him about the take-away for participants in the Festival, Charley Patton was upbeat and clear:

“What we receive from the indigenous culture that hosts our event here in Bali is an incalculable gift, while the Festival itself is an opportunity to discover our own gifts.” he said.

“Each of us has passion to follow our bliss, but we must take the gifts we find here and carry them out to the world, there is no time to waste. Share them, don’t deprive the world of your gifts.”

“Take it to the world…”

Photos by Ulricke Reinhold [email protected]

Written by : Jeremiah Abrams


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