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The wonders and wiggles of Oxygen Therapy with Bob…

OK, so I didn’t do my mermaid shells for the experiment, but I definitely made like a fish just now in Bob’s energy pyramid at the BaliSpirit Festival Purnati location! If you haven’t been to see Bob Supernant in his super-energy infused triangular vortex yet, he’s waiting to infuse a bit of ozone into your life, via this stethoscope. Here’s me having my session this morning and let me tell you, this stuff works! Right now I feel great!

The idea behind the pyramid is that it works to increase any type of energy; in this case, the pyramid will be intensifying the experience you have with the Ozone Machine.

So, what’s it all about then? Well, this very low concentration of ozone switches to peroxide as soon it enters your body, creating more oxygen. The ozone is bubbled through water and enters your ears via a stethoscope. It’s not messy at all. The wiggle machine, or Chi Machine goes at your feet. It’s like putting your ankles in stirrups and once it’s switched on it forces your body into a swimming motion.

I felt like Ariel… “up where they laugh, up where they run, up where they stay all day in the sun!” as I shook on the floor, feeling the energy rush through me.

The fish-type wiggles push the oxygen and blood where it needs to go, so the Japanese designed Chi Machine is often used in hospitals to help people who are bedridden. Its great for moving the spinal fluids too.

Bob says: “One lady who’s a healer herself had a session this morning, and she had a very direct, intense experience. She felt like her body and energy field was literally opening up.”

I myself saw lights on my eyelids, like I was standing in the centre of a moving carousel. And now, almost 45 minutes later, I still feel awesome. Everyone could do with a layer of Bob’s Ozone!

Bob Supernant will be giving a FREE lecture on Saturday at noon at the Purnati location, and will be discussing the pyramid form in nature. He’ll also explain how we have pyramid energy in our bodies… and will be demonstrating the benefits. Fascinating stuff. Pencil it in, and if you’d like an Ozone Therapy session and the chance to make like a mermaid, book yours in pronto.

One Ozone Treatment session with Bob will cost RP 350,000

One Intuitive Healing session will cost RP 450,000

FREE lecture on Saturday. Noon at Purnati.

Written by : Becky Wicks


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