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The Yoga of Synchronicity: Mayan Astrology with Vasumi

This afternoon, I learned that I am a yellow planetary warrior, fueled by manifestation with a strong drive to understand beauty. Warriors are guided by the seed of potential, sprouting either flower or mighty tree. This seed is seen as the center of a hub, the warrior energy displaying fearless focus in bring community together.

“Today is especially important for you. Today is the day of the yellow planetary warrior!” 
Excellent! What exactly does that mean? 
“It could mean a great deal. I’ve seen you walk around here today, a king in his court. You are doing exactly what it means.” 
You’ve got my attention, now tell me more.

There is a lot to say about the Mayan Dreamspell system that, quite frankly, can be found easily with a quick web search. Found in the Temple of Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico, this ancient version of the Mayan Calender offers a very unique perspective on the relationship between time and reality. Led by the warm, bright-eyed, and blissfully elegant Vasumi, this workhop took those who dropped in an an eye-opening and personal introduction to understanding the art of synchronicity.

Three-Dimensional calendars are measured by objects moving around other objects. Moons around planets around suns. Distance is measured by space and time. The Mayan Dreamspell System works with understanding a four dimensional calendar. Here, time becomes a radiant and intangible point. It cannot be seen or counted, only felt.

Look at it this way. In Goa, I used to live next to a conspiracy theorist named Simon. We used to butt heads often. Simon, I would constantly say, why does everything have to be a plot to ruin the world? “Just because you don’t believe in conspiracy, mate, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.”

We make choices in how we believe time. These choices shape our perception of reality. There are four planes of existence. The SPIRIT calls the energy in. The PHYSICAL manifests this energy throughout the body. The EMOTIONAL moves the energy around (Energy in Motion). Once in motion, The MENTAL defines the energy we experience.

Collective disharmony looks for how things don’t work. In a society of flawed systems, we’re given many opportunities to embrace negativity. Months have different names based on the egos of the rulers who their named after, hence July (Julius Ceaser) and August (Ceaser Augusts) having 31days. This throws the whole calender into a series of rules and jumps in order to adhere to a 365 day year.

The Mayan Calendar works instead with 13 months, 4 weeks per month, and one day out of time. The deeper one goes into the system, the more interconnection reveals itself as part of our everyday lives. Each day is connected to another, as is each person. Each breath. Each moment. Remember, time here is not linear.

We make the choice to see the good in everything. This calender offers both a detailed blueprint and organized language to help navigate the yoga of synchronicity in a positive way. Not all conspiracies are necessarily bad, whether you go looking for them or they come looking for you. Simon, mate, you would be proud.

Written by : Daniel Scott


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