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Tibetan Heart Yoga and the Six Perfections

There is a brightness to Leza Lowitz that is unmistakable. It shines from her GENEROSITY, and it infects each being in the room. As a master of KINDNESS, Leza is able to remind us to stay in our connection with one another. She guides us to be patient with ourselves in each asana, and to see how much this will affect our ability to have PATIENCE with every other being we encounter. JOYFUL EFFORT pours out of Leza. She is playful and informative.     Her class is a gift of knowledge and a completely elevating physical experience. We flowed from and returned to STILLNESS beginning with a Tong Len meditation and ending in a heart dedication that shot out from the diamond in our heart through the festival and on to vibrate the entire planet. WISDOM was ever present in action, in each word and stitched deliciously into our collective thoughts. Om mani pedme hung.

Written by : Alexis Lea Arvidson


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