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Tired, but still truckin’

Day Three of Bali Spirit and my muscles are aching. No, scrap that my bones are aching. Getting in at 7.30am I wondered why I hadn’t spent a few more hours in bed , but the brilliant line-up at Arma was too good to miss – any Yogis who haven’t gone down, whack back a wheatgrass shot, have a shower and come get your groove on!

To ease myself into the day I started on the beautiful lawn pavilion taking part in Tina James’ medicine wheel meditation. As an advanced Jivamukti instructor (one of the major methods of Hatha Yoga) the session started with Tina explaining her take on Yoga. ‘We don’t need to manipulate or change Yoga, just understand it’ she explains, ‘We shouldn’t be able to put Yoga into words, just describe it as the perfection of action’. Using Jivamukti mediation the class tapped into the earth day frequency. Mantra provides the focus of the class, aligning the silent repetition of the mantra with the incoming and out-going breath. Tina begun with Sanskrit chanting to purify the atmosphere, followed by detailed meditation instruction.

It was a welcome start to the day, ending in a lovely medicine circle where we had the chance to talk about things we were thankful for; and more than one person said the festival had really helped then learn more about themselves. And despite my aching joints and tired eyes I had to agree. GO BALI SPIRIT!!!!

Written by : Hannah Cox


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