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Tranformational Breath and Sacred Movement- NAI’A

Humans are the only living creatures on this Earth that can manipulate the breath. Who knew how powerful that gift could be? During this course, the beautiful women of NAI’A guided and facilitated the class with gentle breath awareness followed by an invitation to connect with others by hugging… yes, hugging… three slow, synced breaths. Hugs and breath…it felt transformational from the start! Beautiful music filled the air and bodies moved about…dancing, uninhibited, allowing the music move you and letting go of the mind. Connecting again with others, visually, mirroring dance moves, contact, animalistic sounds which turned into smiles and giggles. The sacred movement was a way to be free of thought, tune into your body, let judgement go and honor the gift of life…breath.

As the music grew in intensity, the dancing became more ecstatic and more sacred. Focus was placed on breath, stomping feet, sounds to activate the chakras, but also to connect with the Earth and sky…sending that wave of energy up and out, collectively. Sweaty and energized, attendees laid down to begin a self practice of breath work. With time and gently guided attention to breath, the waves of inhales and relaxed exhales gave way to buzzy, tingly sensations in the extremities.
Eyes closed, bright colours passed by like a slow moving kaleidoscope, the body became light and the transformational work was… working. Information, clarity, and a range of emotions flowed through. If the breath pattern was lost, gentle reminders and personal attention was given to help any blockages that were occurring. After and hour of focused breath, the sensations were gentle yet intense. It was bright and beautiful experience and one that took a little more time to comprehend how powerful and amazing the breath can be, and transform. Time was allotted to reintegrate with the sensations and emotions that were felt. One-word thoughts were shared out loud to validate those feelings… a blessed way to end the session.
A comment was made that two years of therapy can be equivalent to a transformational breath work session. No doubt that could easily be the case as the course title complete embodies what happens.

Written by : Jennifer MacNiven


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