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Why are we here? Six of our Top presenters tell us what they (honestly) think about Yoga!

Yoga is… fun, sweat, power, alignment, health, meditation, balance, breath, focus, commitment, action, peace, freedom, hectic, life – right?

But didn’t Patanjali write that 

yoga is… calming the fluctuations of the mind stuff.

Welcome to BaliSpirit Festival folks… a magical world where you wake up every day to face 30 incredible choices every hour all day, and all night too … of adventures to take in yoga, dance, movement, sound, watsu, music, seminars and delicious food too!

Before you overload your circuits and burn your lovely yoga blossom on too much excitement – take a moment to check back in on what you’re really here for.

Tifffany Cruikshank says…

People who do yoga… leave places better than they find them! We’re here to explore and celebrate community, inspiration and rejuvenation! But always remember that at it’s core…

Yoga is… sanity!


Gwyn Williams says…

Yoga is… every moment – don’t fall asleep at the wheel!

We live in a time of global shift towards embodying freedom and recognising the conditioning that has had us trapped for hundreds of years. What counts now, more than anything, is simplicity and the cultivation of loving human relationships.

It’s the gaps that are the nectar! Whether you teach or in practice know this: it is the silent space that allows the richness of the experience.

Listen to where the energy wishes to flow…

and get all your thoughts, beliefs and opinions out of the way.


Nadine McNeil says…

Yoga, in a nutshell…
 can completely transform your life: the way you eat, sleep, think and ultimately, how we show up in the world. Yoga can heighten your awareness of the weight of your blessings – having so much when so many others have so little!

Let it ignite our drive to give back and to stand for others who, for one reason or another, are incapable of doing so on their own.

We live in the best and the worst of times – systems as we once knew them are crumbling around us. There is an urgency for healing on the planet but cannot heal the environment before healing ourselves. Yoga helps us remember the role we were brought here to fulfil – when we discover this we are unstoppable!


Danny Paradise says…

Yoga is … community service! All teachers need to recognize this if they don’t already. There is a huge movement toward offering large-scale teacher-trainings and some of the core of what this about is in danger of getting lost.

The greatest gift of yoga is helping to create and nurture Independence, Personal Responsibility and Personal Authority.

Any class should be available to anyone who can’t afford it. If a person truly can’t comfortably pay the amount requested then a donation should be acceptable. Teacher training programs should only be for people who have a regular long term practice. Otherwise the teachings become diluted and superficial. Then the whole community suffers.


Lela Thomas says…

Yoga is a window into what is going in your body and your whole psyche. As we open our body more and more the stories come to the surface, and healing modalities facilitate a space for transforming and transmuting the mystery of who we be.

Dive in deep and make new choices – the Universe has your back!


Kiyomi Takahashi says…

Yoga helps… us to connect with our higher self and be the best version of ourselves. The world is becoming more and more chaotic, and so many people are experiencing separation in themselves and from each other – everywhere!

Seek out how your time at the festival can help you experience a sense of oneness within so you can be part of the ripple-effect, taking what gifts you find back with you, wherever you go to uplift and elevate others and spread the light. The world needs more true leaders – we need to come together to uplift and elevate each other.

Don’t waste any time wondering how you fit in – just know you fit perfectly in you!


Written by : Jade Richardson


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