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Women as teachers, healers and leaders

During Bali Spirit Festival I have been both impressed and inspired by all the powerful women I have met and whose teachings I have experienced. Women are now more and more often stepping into their full confidence and sharing their gifts with the world as natural space holders, healers, teachers and leaders in this new Global Conscious Movement. Rising again, encouraging and lifting each other – reminded of our inner authentic authority and healing abilities we have to offer to ourselves and the world.

With a collective wound of disbelief in ourselves and having to compensate our gender by overachieving, women have had a lot to heal and overcome regarding stepping up and sharing our knowledge on a larger scale. Now this slowly seems to shift, while softer practices like yoga, body awareness, healing and creativity are rising as important again so do also the voices of women, and new forms of leadership are being created. At Bali Spirit Festival not only are the majority of the teachers and healers women but the whole festival in itself is nurtured and initiated by a woman, Meghan Pappenheim.

Deya Dova performing at BaliSpirit Festival; Photo by Matt Oldfield

Artists like Deya Dova use their feminine power and receptivity to channel amazing art and music. Sound healers and teachers like Suzanne Sterling invoke the force of yogic rebellion by stepping out of the mat and into the world as voice-liberated activists. Wisdom keepers like Vasumi Zjikaa share the ancient knowledge from tribal traditions with a warm spark in her eyes and beautiful queen-like women like Jemma Gawned and Malaika MaVeena Darville initiate and holde spaces in cacao-ceremonies, leading hundreds of people into prayers to nature and its elements.

This doesn’t only occur at Bali Spirit Festival but is happening globally all over the world. New ways of leading and healing are being created and women are more and more able to take up leadership roles in new terms where softer aspects of the human being also are being acknowledged. This is a crucial aspect for a sustainable future to come, given that burn outs, competition, conquering and an earth-devastating greed have been taken place for too long. We have created a world in need of healing and balancing and naturally these aspects within ourselves will rise to importance and into influence.

Breathwork healer at BaliSpirit Festival; Photo by Marnie Recker

When the inner worlds of intuition, visualization and dreams are acknowledged again the importance of sisterhood and the inner initial knowledge that women carry is honored once more. We can in healing, balance and empowerment create that what we can embody, what we believe in and wish to see more of in this world for the generations to come. We must remember what we are here for and continue to heal and share, to open and receive, to care and love, to transform and to change the old to the more sustainable new.

Written by : Liv Lo


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