Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali 2025 Dates TBD

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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  • "BaliSpirit is THE yoga festival!" - Alex Klein, Co-founder, Yoga Trails
  • "A zero waste policy ensures that the event is environmentally conscious with bamboo cups, banana leaf plates, water bottle refilling stations and recycling bins for nonorganic matter." - Alison Bone, Yoga and Health Magazine | UK
  • "The Festival is truly multifaceted bringing the spirit of Yoga and world music to Indonesia and at the same time showcasing the culture, the music, and the spirituality of Bali with a global audience." - Alison Bone, Yoga and Health Magazine | UK
  • "My partner and I, both in our fifties, had no idea what to expect and were completely surprised by the profound experiences we had at the Bali Spirit Festival. Would we do it again? Absolutely." - Amanda, Australia
  • "The Bali Spirit Festival continues to promote eco-friendly behaviors in the Bali community through its sustainable operational practices, such as providing bamboo straws and reusable bags, and environmental education, including distributing info materials at their restaurants and events. Bali Spirit Festival is helping to reduce the 1650 tons of plastic waste created in Bali every day." - Anna Sutanto, Campaign Coordinator, Bali Cantik Tanpa Plastik/Plastic-Free Bali
  • "Thanks to the BaliSpirit Festival and its supporters, our project will receive much needed help to enhance Desa Bans ecosystem and the standard of living for its people. Your donation to Bali ReGreen goes a long way toward reforesting some of the most marginalized land in Indonesia." - Arief Rabik, Coordinator, Bali Bamboo Foundation
  • "The (BaliSpirit) Festival has consistently pursued interesting initiatives such as contributing to non-profit organisations, HIV/AIDS outreach initiatives and environmental restoration activities" - Bali Advertiser, 2012
  • "Bali Spirit festival is an uplifting festival with a community of people who are dedicated to being the best version of themselves they can be. A warm-hearted, spirit-lifting experience for everyone who is dedicated to learning more about self and sharing their heart with the world to attend." - Belinda, Australia
  • "In the yoga and wellness world, this is the festival that everyone is talking about" - Ciaran Caulfield, owner of Body in Balance SKYTV, Europe’s leading Wellness Channel
  • "In just a few years since its birth, the BaliSpirit Festival has quickly become one of the premiere lifestyle festivals in the world. In the yoga and wellness world, this is the festival that everyone is talking about!" - Ciaran Caulfield, owner of Body in Balance SKYTV, Europe’s leading Wellness channel, April 2009
  • "One of the worlds leading lifestyle festivals" - Ciaran Caulfield, Sky TV Europe
  • "The BaliSpirit Festival successfully captures the essence of Bali's magical culture, its spirituality, and its thriving sense of community. BaliSpirit Festival is an experience to be savoured for many years to come!" - Coral Brown, Yoga Instructor, July 2009
  • "I just went through my yoga teacher certification in Bali the month prior and I absolutely loved it. I danced, I cried, I laughed, I sang, I became alive. No judgment, no negativity, so uplifting, it is difficult to describe it in words. Thank you for creating such a magical, soulful, sacred gathering." - Cortney, USA
  • "This is a beautiful extraordinary place. It's rare to do yoga while surrounded by incredible architecture. You don't see that anymore in the world." - Danny Paradise (quoted), Bali Style Magazine, 2011
  • "Much-admired" - Desi Nurhayati, Jakarta Post
  • "I am overwhelmed with joy. Thank you so much for this life changing experience. I will never view the world the same. The Bali Spirit Festival has taught me what life is really about. Love, gratitude, and happiness. I have never been to a place where people love me for just BEING. I am truly returned to source. I am fired up with passion for the work the creator has created me to do. I will never live life the same." - Ebony Smith, Yoga Teacher | USA
  • "Wipe out borders of nationality, religion, race, and age." - Endang Widya, LeGong Magazine
  • "I met people around the world who have similar thought, same understanding, same awareness about life and environment. I feel like I have found my community which I can share with." - Erlina, Indonesia
  • "BaliSpirit Festival lebih dari sekedar perhelatan akbar yoga, tari dan musik. Begitu banyak keindahan yang diberikan sebagai wujud apresiasi budaya, spiritualitas, dan kreatifitas untuk dunia yang damai dan penuh cinta more than a grand celebration of yoga, dance and music. There is so much beauty raised in a manifestation of cultural appreciation, spirituality, and creativity for a peaceful world willed with love." - Fit Magazine, May 2009
  • "As Balinese person, I am proud to have an international festival here. I believe if the spirit of the festival spreads, so will peace." - Gede Robi Supriyanto, Musician (Bali), 2012
  • "It was such a beautiful environment of like minded souls embracing the best that life has to offer. I am so grateful for the experience and definitely want to come back." - Jae, Australia
  • "One of the musical highlights of the year for me." - John Alderson, Bali Expat
  • "It's the sense of community that will keep me going back year after year." - Karen Cooksey, (quoted) Australian Yoga Journal, 2011
  • "The biggest Yoga Festival in Indonesia" - Kompas TV
  • "BaliSpirit Festival adalah ajang perhelatan spiritual yang meriah a festive spiritual celebration." - Kompas, June 2009
  • "I'm madly in love with the BaliSpirit Fest!! This was my second year and I loved every minute of every class. Beautiful and safe environment to practice yoga, meditation and be yourself." - Lis, New Zealand
  • "Through the BaliSpirit Festival, I've discovered healing channels that help me process my inner clouds." - Lynda Ibrahim, The Jakarta Post, 2011
  • "The caliber of instructors is amazing. The diversity of classes and workshops is also wonderful." - Matthew, Canada
  • "One of Asia's top 5 Events with Edge" - MICENET Magazine
  • "The yoga festival of a lifetime" - Om Magazine
  • "I loved everything about the Spirit Festival. I had to really tap into my inner yogi not to feel like I was missing out on things as there was so much going on! I loved trying new and unexpected classes and thought the line up and venue were awesome." - Polly, United Kingdom
  • "The music was nothing short of amazing." - R. Sheckleford, THE BEAT
  • "Artists from everywhere coming to Ubud for this one magical festival" - Rebecca Boteler, ABC Radio Australia
  • "When people gather together for an unconditional experience there are no limits to what the collective gathering can manifest. My experience at the BaliSpirit Festival has always turned into sacred space, which allows our birthright of being beautiful, bountiful and blissful to Divinely unfold!!! Thank you for making this creative, crazy carnival!" - Rebecca Pflaum, Yoga Instructor, August 2009
  • "The Festival's spirit-nourishing workshops lure practitioners and soul-searchers from all over the world to the shores of beautiful Bali." - Rebecca Walker, Asia Spa Magazine, 2010
  • "The brainchild of co-founders Meghan Pappenheim, Made Gunarta, and Robert Weber, the BaliSpirit Festival was launched in 2008 with the intention of creating a global village community that nurtures creative and spiritual diversity through yoga, dance and music. Merging East and West, the Festival's spirit-nourishing workshops lure practitioners and soul-searchers from all over the world to the shores of beautiful Bali." - Rebecca Walker, Asia Spa Magazine, June 2010
  • "I see the BaliSpirit Festival as a cultural crossroads, an intersection point for all these cultures to create harmony. We are all different threads that make up the same cloth." - Rocky Dawuni, Musician (Ghana), 2012
  • "One of the top 5 yoga festivals in the world" - Sue White, South China Morning Post
  • "Year on year, this Festival expands like our consciousness." - The Bud, 2011
  • "Among 6 of the best Asia Music Festivals" - Travel Wire Asia
  • "A feast of all things yoga with like minded people and a fantastic opportunity to do all styles of yoga in an exotic location." - Wendy, Australia
  • "It’s massive, awesome, and Magnificient!" - Will Lau, Yoga Teacher, China