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Bali Conference – Youth Music & Art Symposium

Bali Conference

2023 Theme: “Preserving and Reviving the Musical Traditions and Cultural Heritage
of Ancient Civilizations”

Music, as an integral part of cultural heritage, plays a significant role in shaping and preserving the identity and heritage of a community. Ancient civilizations have contributed immensely to the development and evolution of music, and their musical traditions remain relevant today. However, the survival of these traditions is threatened by factors such as globalization, commercialization, and the loss of cultural knowledge and practices.

The BaliSpirit Festival (BSF) recognizes the value and importance of diverse cultural expressions in the world and the need to sustain these for future generations.

Each year, the Festival prides itself in bringing a variety of world musicians to the island of Bali each year to participate in collaborative programs through our sister event, Bali Conference.

Bali Conference is a music and arts education and community program organized as part of BSF. It is a part of the broader mission of the Festival, which is to promote cultural exchange and community development through yoga, music, dance, and other artistic and educational programs. The conference features presentations and performances by BSF musicians, scholars, and cultural experts from around the world, and provides a platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on the importance of preserving and celebrating diverse cultural heritage through music.

The Bali conference will explore the ancient musical traditions of different cultures, their influence on modern music, and the challenges of preserving and reviving these traditions in the present day. It could also examine the role of music in ancient societies, its connection to other cultural traditions and practices, and its impact on the identity and social fabric of communities.

Started in 2016, Bali Conference was initially founded as BaliSpirit Festival’s World Music Conference to introduce, integrate and iterate the importance of bridging cultures and an exchange of knowledge of the arts. BaliSpirit Festival have funded the first 2 years of Bali Conference which has welcomed artists’ expertise and experiences which have been shared with the local Balinese community and encouraged the community to learn from their peers. Over a hundred art students in Bali have been part of Bali conference and now in its fourth year (2023), Bali Conference wants to expand as an Art Conference to accommodate the knowledge-sharing of art and culture’s importance between Balinese youths and Indonesia’s art experts.

If you would like to support Bali Conference or find out more, please go to or contact:
– Bali Conference email: [email protected]
– BaliSpirit Festival Manager Wiwie, at [email protected]

Bali Conference