Ubud, Bali May 4-7, 2023

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Bali Conference – Youth Music & Art Symposium

Bali Conference


Bali Conference is a 1-2 days annual conference which aims to maintain a “diplomacy through the arts”. The conference provides experimental learning opportunities which promote multicultural communication and education through the arts, as a method to world peace. Bali Conference is a new initiative where we connect the BaliSpirit Festival’s performers with the local Balinese community.

The performers who share their skills in Bali come from all over the world (previous mentors have travelled from France, Jamaica, Indonesia, US, Malaysia and India) and have a wide range of musical and artistic styles. The Bali Conference gives these performers an opportunity to use panel discussions as a forum for contemporary issues and themes in music and art.

Bali Conference consists of (but is not limited to) lectures, demonstrations, performances, q/a sessions and panel discussions, screenings and workshops. Art students from Insitut Seni Indonesia (ISI) – Denpasar, a renowned Arts Institute in Bali, have been active participants in Bali Conference since it first started. Bali Conference focuses on music, technology, dance, Balinese culture, multicultural exchange and the complex contemporary questions, challenges, and relevant evolutionary changes music, art and culture face today.

Started in 2016, Bali Conference was initially founded as BaliSpirit Festival’s World Music Conference to introduce, integrate and iterate the importance of bridging cultures and an exchange of knowledge of the arts. BaliSpirit Festival have funded the first 2 years of Bali Conference which has welcomed artists’ expertise and experiences which have been shared with the local Balinese community and encouraged the community to learn from their peers. Over a hundred art students in Bali have been part of Bali conference and now in its third year (2018), Bali Conference wants to expand as an Art Conference to accommodate the knowledge-sharing of art and culture’s importance between Balinese youths and Indonesia’s art experts.

If you would like to support Bali Conference or find out more, please go to www.baliconference.com or contact BaliSpirit Festival Manager Wiwie, at [email protected]

Bali Conference