Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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About Giving Back

In addition to providing an inspiring space for personal transformation and sacred celebration, the Festival emphasizes giving back to the local Balinese community through creative outreach initiatives. Since 2010, the BaliSpirit Festival has worked alongside partner organizations in Bali, as well as international yoga teachers and musicians, to raise more than USD $200,000 for the Festival’s annual Karma (Giving Back) outreach initiatives. Funds have contributed to children’s programs, multicultural education & performances, health clinics, HIV & AIDS awareness, & environmental protection. The BaliSpirit Festival currently operates two outreach programs annually: the HIV & AIDS education program Ayo! Kita Bicara HIV & AIDS and the reforestation initiative, Bali ReGreen.

Help a Balinese family by donating for an Essential Care Kit.

Our latest initiative to give back to the local community was started by the staff of The Yoga Barn and BaliSpirit Group to send Essential Care Kits to Balinese families in need. We estimate that since the spread of covid-19 in Indonesia, over 90% of restaurants, shops, and accommodation in Bali have been shut – with no clear opening date past June 1 insight, and with this, thousands of Balinese people are without any income. It is the welcoming smiles and warm open hearts of the Balinese people that endears the island to us, and now they need our help.

We have already gifted 250 kits and supplied 123 baby care kits to 250 families in the villages of our staff. It is our wish to donate more and with your help, we can make this possible. From as little as $30 you can support a Balinese family with food for two weeks. See more about our initiative and ways to donate on the Yoga Barn’s website or via PayPal here. We thank you in advance for your kindness

The BaliSpirit Festival is indeed a celebration—of the richness of culture, the sanctity of the environment, and harmony between people of all nations. Celebrate with us, and in doing so, help us to make the world a better place.