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Corona Precautions in Bali


(Updated March 22nd 2022)

Given the current global health warning about the spread of the Corona Virus, we assume that many of you are worried about the spread of the virus in Bali. Here is some information to update you on the status of the virus in Bali and action steps you can take to assist in reducing the risk of spreading this virus.

Starting from March 22nd, 2022, Indonesia has lifted all quarantine requirements for overseas visitors, two years after it imposed border restrictions to stem the spread of COVID-19.

The announcement came as Indonesia recorded just 4,699 new cases of COVID-19, less than a tenth of the toll that the country was recording as late as mid-February.

Visa on Arrival
Foreign nationals with the purpose of leisure travel can enter the territory of the Republic of Indonesia with the following conditions:

  1. Through the airport entrance in Bali or the port of Riau Islands;
  2. Having received a COVID-19 vaccine;
  3. A negative RT-PCR test result;
  4. A short-visit visa or other entry permit;
  5. Proof of ownership of health insurance with a minimum coverage value of USD25.000 which includes financing for handling COVID-19;
  6. Proof of booking confirmation and payment for accommodation while in Indonesia.

PCR Test Requirement (Updated)
To enter Indonesia, foreign travelers must show a negative RT-PCR test result in the country or region of origin which samples were taken within a maximum period of 2 x 24 hours before the departure time.

Based on the Circular of the Directorate General of the Immigration on the Ministry of Law and Human Rights No. IMI-0532.GR.01.01 of 2022, here are the list of countries subjected to VOA service policy:

(1) South Africa,
(2) USA,
(3) Saudi Arabia,
(4) Argentina,
(5) Australia,
(6) Holland,
(7) Belgium,
(8) Brazil,
(9) Brunei Darussalam,
(10) Denmark,
(11) Filipina,
(12) Finland,
(13) Hungary,
(14) India,
(15) UK,
(16) Italy,
(17) Japan,
(18) Germany,
(19) Cambodia,
(20) Canada,
(21) South Korea,
(22) Laos,
(23) Malaysia,
(24) Mexico,
(25) Myanmar,
(26) Norway,
(27) France,
(28) Poland,
(29) Qatar,
(30) New Zealand,
(31) Seychelles,
(32) Singapore,
(33) Spain,
(34) Sweden,
(35) Switzerland,
(36) Taiwan,
(37) Thailand,
(38) China,
(39) Tunisia,
(40) Turkey,
(41) Uni Emirates,
(42) Vietnam

As information is changing constantly, please make sure to check relevant pages before traveling.


The Worldometer is a good source for up to date information as well as The Corona Virus in Asia – Live Update and the page of the Indonesian Government.


About Bali in particular you might want to read the following:

Official Letter from COVID‑19 Response Acceleration Task Force

Current Regulations and Information about COVID-19 in Bali

Q&A on Corona Viruses

There is an official Corona Virus Hotline, also operating in English: 021-5210 411  / 0812 1212 3119


Please read this guide and follow the simple steps to reduce your risk of Corona Virus infection:

• AVOID CONTACT with anyone with cold or flu-like symptoms
• WASH YOUR HANDS WITH SOAP whenever you can
• USE HAND SANITIZER whenever you can (sold all over Bali)
• REFRAIN FROM SHARING utensils and food

Find more information about the Corona Virus worldwide here and here.

Stay Safe!

Your BaliSpirit Festival Team