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Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Aldini Pratiwi

Aldini Pratiwi

Spiritual Life Coach


It took her 15 years of building a top-notch career in financial, investment management and capital market industry, 3 years of pandemic and non-stop spiritual awakening events, to finally woke up to her true calling: a healer and lightworker. Late 2019, she made a personal decision to resign from her professional job to simply be a stay-at-home mother and spend more time with her 3 kids.

Started out as an intuitive esoteric tarot reader, she is now a certified hypnotherapist and modern metaphysical hypnosis, spiritual life coach, divine channeler and quantum healing practitioner with 1500+ transformational private sessions in almost 5 years, many of them are now healers and teach 200+ online webinars, offline sessions and meditation with community and corporates.

Aldini will be co-teaching with Riesta

Aldini has joined BaliSpirit Festival 2024 as a part of the Jivaraga team.

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