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ALECEO is a music producer and DJ. He is a long-standing artist for Café De Anatolia, Pipe & Pochet, Lump, Kosa, Shango, Resueno, Music For Dreams, and various other music labels. Throughout his career, he has crafted an extensive discography featuring vinyl and digital albums, singles, and remixes, often in collaboration with international musicians.

His music can be characterized as a fusion of multicultural electronic music, folktronica, IDM, and downtempo genres. Nevertheless, Aleceo’s musical creations possess an innate ability to evoke a unique, mystical resonance within his audiences, thanks to his adept use of messages and harmonies. His work showcases the transformative power of electronic music, capable of influencing the emotional and spiritual dimensions of one’s existence.

In his compositions, Aleceo frequently draws inspiration from traditional and spiritual thinkers from diverse backgrounds, believing that their wisdom resonates through the ages. His deep connection with Eastern philosophy and mysticism is prominently reflected in his music, which has evolved to be more spiritual, authentic, and profound. Aleсeo pays special attention to the psycho-emotional aspect of music and sound; his live show and dj sets transgress into a special state of mind, expanding consciousness and perception of the body.