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Alfred Kendrick

Alfred Kendrick

Fit Arts - Body Mobility & Mechanics


FIT ARTS is a dynamic fusion of Afro-Brazilian Capoeira, Acrobatics, Yoga, Martial Arts, Dance and more.

Alfred Kendrick, founder and creator of FIT ARTS, is a Hollywood based personal trainer who attracts a variety of clients that include celebrities, super-models, performers, and athletes because of his unique workout routines and programs that are specialised based on the classification of body types.

Alfred’s degree in Kinesiology and 19+ years of experience in personal training and martial arts makes him a rare instructor and performer. His trademark teaching techniques of body movement, fitness and performance are what inspired him to create his unique program known as FIT ARTS. In February 2011, he launched his company and flagship studio in Hollywood, CA. The main branches of Fit Arts are: MoFlo (Movement& Flo), Capobatics (various styles of acrobatics), Fitness, Capoeira, Flexibility & Healing.

He is also the founder “The Sex to lmpress Workout” featured on multiple TV shows and other publications. This is a workout and program outlining the physical, bio mechanical, and anatomical demands of sexual activity. This program highlights flexibility, strength, mobility, positioning, and endurance as the keys to a healthier and happier sex life!

As an acrobatic performer and Fit Artist, Alfred has been featured in over a dozen TV and commercial appearances, along with over 500 live performances worldwide. He has worked with Rihanna, Russell Brand, Under Armour, Samsung, Sony, Dancing with the Stars, Red Bull and more!

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