Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

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Alyssa Goldberg

Alyssa Goldberg

Empowerment Yoga


Alyssa (RYT 500) is humbled to share her passion and love for yoga with others on a daily basis. Having grown up between LA, San Francisco, and New York, she found her yoga mat to be one of the first places that truly resonated as home. One that had the ability to change, grow, and support her curious and ambitious heart. In teaching yoga, she hopes to empower others to find a similar feeling on their mat, and more importantly within themselves. 

Alyssa’s background in storytelling and film weaves its way into her classes, where she utilizes the art of language and music in the asana practice to create what students have called a “full and immersive experience.” Her classes are known to be dynamic, permissive, and strong with an energetic warmth. She is known for closing practice with the sounds of her harmonium (and voice when she’s feeling courageous!)

She has immense gratitude for the wisdom shared by her mentors Byron de Marse and Paul Teodo, and is continually inspired by the profound curiosity, generosity, and knowledge that is shared in this Ubud community. The first time she stepped foot at the Yoga Barn in 2018, a feeling beyond words overcame her — one that left her with a promise to return for her teacher training. To now be both a student and guide at this studio is an honor.

Previously challenged by a world that asked her to fit into just one box, Alyssa is inspired by the endless potential within each one of us to be and share all that we are with the world. She looks forward to seeing you soon — all levels and walks of life welcome. 

This is Alyssa’s first time teaching at the Balispirit Festival, you can see her schedule here