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Ananda Dhandapani

Ananda Dhandapani

Asthanga Yoga


Anand’s journey with yoga began in childhood, shaping his path toward becoming a certified Yoga Acharya Master from Sivananda Ashram in 2016 and Level 2 Ashtanga Practitioner under the supervision of Vijay Kumar in Mysore in 2018. His deep connection with conscious breathing, enhanced not only his spiritual journey but also his athletic pursuits.

Anand’s mastery of breathwork propelled him to victory in numerous OCR events and earned him recognition as a national SUP champion in India. His lifelong affinity for the ocean and freediving inspired him to blend yoga with pranayama techniques. Through retreats, workshops, and teacher training programs, Anand shares his transformative approach, empowering others to unlock their potential and find harmony within themselves and the world.

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