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Anna Wijaya

Anna Wijaya

Yoga Sound Alchemy


Anna Wijaya is a multifaceted artist and advocate for a slow, connected life, harmonizing family, nature, dance, music, and spiritual pursuits rooted in traditional Tantra-Hatha Yoga. Deepening her studies in Sanskrit, Mantra meditation, and Vedic chanting, she has developed a fascination for Sacred Sounds and Nada Yoga, exemplifying her unwavering commitment to her journey in the world of sound.

Perceiving life as a mysterious flow of continuous rhythms, Anna’s passion for performance shines through her accomplished dance skills. However, it was her partnership with her husband, Catur, that propelled her deeper into the world of music through drumming.

Anna is the founder and member of Matangi, an all-female drumming and singing band. Their collective rhythm and voices resonate with empowerment and unity, forming an inspiring fusion of talent and sisterhood.

Together with her husband, Catur, Anna seamlessly intertwines their shared love for music, mantra, dance, drumming and sound, giving rise to Yoga Sound Alchemy. Through this platform, they offer classes, workshops, and transformative retreats, inviting others to explore the enriching journey of sound, movement and spirituality.

Anna facilitates workshops with Catur Wijaya.

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