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Arja Hendrikx

Arja Hendrikx

Women’s Embodiment


Arja Hendrikx facilitates workshops and retreats all over the world and has seen hundreds of people transform in front of her eyes. More than 8 years she’s been traveling the world, to explore different cultural traditions and branches of yoga, in search of authentic spirituality she couldn’t do anything else than dedicating her life to the path of women’s Embodiment. Under the umbrella of tantric yoga and meditation she longs for the elevation of consciousness and revelation of the Spiritual Heart.

Arja Hendrikx is an international intuitive teacher who initiates men, women & couples to shift ordinary sex into extraordinary lovemaking.

Having studied for 10+ years in both traditional ways & modern sexology & psychology, she integrates the best of both worlds in a down-to-earth yet spiritually grounded approach that won’t only spice up your intimate life; it will also bring a deeper connection to the depth of yourself.

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Dirty Talk

If you love to get better tools to communicate in bed in a way that turns your partner on and doesn’t kill the mood or break the flow, this workshop is for you!

You’ll be learning 4 different ways to talk dirty – NOT like a porn star, the opposite!- and explore new ways to awaken your erotic voice in the bedroom that feel empowering and connecting.

Expect to laugh, have fun, feel a little awkward, and above all play & practice so you grow your confidence and can bring in a juicy surprise next time you make love!