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Cyrus Irani

Cyrus Irani

9D Breathwork

UK / Iran

Cyrus is Head of Corporate Partnerships at 9D Breathwork™ and is driving the movement to
bring the transformative powers of breathwork to Corporations worldwide. He is also the
founder of Radical Mastery™ which offers Mindset, Leadership training and Communication
programs to corporations in Asia.

A Certified psychologist, trauma-therapist, meditation and mindfulness teacher, Cyrus discovered Breathwork 20+ years ago.

“It blew my mind and changed my approach to personal transformation forever. In those years, my own transformation has been the most profound gift, and now become my offering.”

Breathwork has evolved dramatically in that time, and in the last 3 years 9D Breathwork™ has reinvented breathwork, and together with Radical Mastery™, they have moulded transformation into this epic life-changing experience on offer for you here this week.

Cyrus’ self-mastery journey began as a teenager. When asked “what do you want to do when
you grow up?”, he answered:

“I’ll probably retire until I am 60, then maybe do some work”.

It sounded clever and I had no idea what I wanted to do! But I did have huge existential
questions that nobody could answer. And nobody in my life seemed fulfilled or happy! That actually set me on my life-course. At 19 I went to India, and since then I have lived in 9
countries and travelled to more than 60 others, with my purpose to seek truth and
understanding about the human experience and its deepest truths.

Cyrus has studied with the best teachers, sat with sadhu’s and sages, and found answers to questions he didn’t even know he had.

“Now, as I approach my 60’s, my life’s-work is just beginning. My purpose – to pass on what I’ve learned and perfected to you all.”

In 2011 Cyrus returned to Bali (for the 3rd time) and stayed.

“Ubud drew me into her heart. The Yoga Barn became my 2nd home and the place where I found my tribe. I continue to offer my work to you because it’s my soul purpose. Seamlessly aligning what I do 100% for myself with my desire to be in complete and utter service to others.”

Welcome to Radical Mastery™ and the 9D Breathwork™ revolution!

Cyrus facilitates at The Yoga Barn regularly.

See his schedule, here.


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9D Breathwork™ (120mins)

9D Breathwork™ is specifically designed to give access to the subconscious mind where all of the belief systems, habit patterns, internal voices and trauma patterns reside.

These “programs” (as I call them) dictate EVERYTHING we perceive as reality, and define how we interact with the external world. It’s our operating system. Science has proven that over
80% of the time it is our subconscious mind controls what we do.

So, armed with this understanding we at 9D have curated this fully-immersive sound-healing breathwork experience to help you seek out and release the negative programs that hold you back, and help you to replace them with new positively affirming programs to help you to create the life that you have always dreamed of having.

Just like updating the software on your phone or computer, this IS a software upgrade for you!

Come join our team on Saturday at 5.30pm for this mind-bending, life-changing experience.