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Ubud, Bali April 5-April 10, 2022

Cyrus Irani

Cyrus Irani

Authentic Relating Games and Skills


Cyrus has been gratefully involved in the world of personal development for over 25 years. Prior to that he had an extensive background in media, working in the music industry, the film industry and in corporate event management. This is where his interest in human relational dynamics was first ignited. He is a qualified yoga teacher, previously working on Yoga Teacher trainings in India, as well as a meditation and mindfulness guide, a personal coach and mentor. The subject of human potential has always been one to fascinate and intrigue Cyrus, and has found that whatever his work has been, his interests were always focussed around relationships, communication and interpersonal dynamics. Over the years his radical way of viewing life and particularly relational communication has lead him to study many differing communication approaches and forms such as Non-Violent Communication, Authentic Relating, Conscious Communication, and a variety of other communication modalities. These have allowed him to see through to the core of what makes for successful human relationships, and to help develop and teach a modality that is one of the most advanced and dynamic relational communication practises in the world today. Cyrus values passion, purpose and play as the key principles of a healthy life. He helps align his clients with their passion, guides them towards making it their life-purpose, and inspires them to offer this to the world through fun, games and play. Cyrus lives his life by example, offering what he loves to the world in a playful and passionate way.

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