Yoga Dance Music

Ubud, Bali March 29-April 4, 2021

Danny Paradise & Nadia

Danny Paradise & Nadia

Shamanism and Ashtanga Yoga


Danny Paradise, originally from Canada, is an International Yoga Teacher, Musician, Songwriter, Performer, Recording Artist, Film Maker, World Citizen and Activist. He began studying Ashtanga Yoga in 1976 with the West’s first adepts David Williams and Nancy Gilgoff. Since 1979, as the world’s first traveling, advanced Ashtanga Yoga teacher, Danny has played a seminal role initiating people worldwide in over 40 countries in the practices and philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga and Shamanism. In the course of 40 years teaching and traveling he has also taught some of the world’s most renown musicians, performers, film makers, artists, designers, sports champions as well as Tibetan Buddhist Lamas, Priests and Indigenous Tribal Leaders.

Danny also practices Kung Fu and Tai Chi and incorporates elements of these practices in his teaching as well as Egyptian roots of yoga. He relates Yoga to all Nature based Indigenous teachings and recognizes Yoga as an ancient Shamanic Exploration designed to teach people how to heal themselves, how to manifest their Destiny and Dreams as well as learning to age and approach transition with vitality, clarity, tranquility and grace. Danny teaches in a non-dogmatic, compassionate, gentle, informed, humorous way.

The practices are guided and show the relationship of Ashtanga Yoga with Shamanism, Martial Arts including Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Egyptian origin practices of Yoga. Danny shows derivative poses, modifications and variations within the structure of Ashtanga Yoga. His classes are accessible for all levels of practitioners (from beginning to advanced) and teachers of all forms of Yoga.

Nadia will be teaching with Danny at the BaliSpirit Festival. She has been practicing and studying diverse Yoga traditions for nearly 3 decades as well as Martial Arts, Music, Dance, Performance and Acting and has been traveling, teaching and performing with Danny over the last 3 years.

For more information about Danny, see: www.dannyparadise.com