Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 1-5, 2024

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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Ecstatic Dance


After touring the world extensively as a professional drummer Dion has blended his passion and gift to rhythmically activate dance floors with a combination of Electronic Music and Live Drums. His Ecstatic Dance Journey will take you both around the world and deep within. A musical journey influenced by the pulsing rhythms of Africa, to the mystical Middle East, through the sacred jungles of the Amazon, up over the Himalayas and often a little stop over in the hills of Jamaica. Indigenous Chants meet with the Bass Heavy soundscapes of today. As a co-founder of @rizeup.movement he is passionate about teaching yoga, drum circles and activating dance journeys across Australia, Bali and Europe.

IG: @di.rhythm


Experience Di Rhythm at The festival, spinning for SUNDAY ECSTATIC DANCE, 1:30 pm May 7th & at this Seminar:
THE ART OF DJING – A behind the scenes look at Ecstatic Dance

Are you curious to know more about why music moves us the way it does, and what goes into curating an Ecstatic Dance set?

Are you a yoga/movement/workshop facilitator wanting to take your offering to the next level?
Perhaps you’re interested in becoming a DJ and want to know what it takes and how to get started?
This workshop explores the relationship of music and movement to both the physical and emotional body.