Bali Spirit Festival, Ubud Bali May 7-11th, 2025

Yoga Dance Music Healing

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World Music Ecstatic Dance



Dion has been crafting musical alchemy for over 25 years as a drummer, DJ, and musician, touring the world with countless musical projects. As a DJ he brings an African Rhythmic fire, some Latin spice, and weaving of live drumming into the mix, blends organic soundscapes with bass heavy modern production.

Your soul will be touched by music from all corners of the world, you’ll jump to the beat of the drum, you might cry, you’ll remember life doesn’t have to be too serious, and you’ll land back down smoothly to your heart.

Dion also facilitates DJ Trainings both online and in person, for those ready to craft their own Ecstatic Dance journeys and share more of themselves, with the music that they love, with the world.

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(Dion and Carolina)

A dance class, led by Carolina Zavala and supported musically with live DJing and drumming with Dion Soulfire.

Explore the vibrancy of various Latin dance styles in full bodied, cultural experience. Step to the beat of the drum, shake the hips and feel your own fire within, as we traverse across South America through both traditional and modern dance styles and embodiment.



Ever wondered why music moves us the way it does during Ecstatic Dance, Yoga or other workshops?

Come and take a behind the scenes look, as Dion takes you into the world of Ecstatic Dance DJing and the power of selecting the right music for movement and workshop facilitation.

All of the tips and questions answered as we dive into the physical, emotional and energetic aspects of music, and how to weave it magically for your own ecstatic dance, ceremony, workshop, yoga class and yourself